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Professor Wang Shouchuan
Prof. Wang Shouchuan, chief physician, doctoral supervisor, now serves as Head of TCM Pediatrics Research Institute, the leader of TCM pediatrics of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine as a national key discipline; concurrently serves as a member of Appraisal Team of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Materia Medica Disciplines of Academic Degree Committee of State Council, a co-chairman of Pediatrics Sub-association of China Association of Chinese Medicine, a member of Physician Qualification Test Expert Committee of Ministry of Public Health, the leader of TCM Pediatrics Discipline Team of TCM Continued Education Committee of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a drug review expert of State Food and Drug Administration; in 2004, he was commended by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Personnel as a national model teacher; in 2005, he was commended by the State Council as a national advanced worker; in 2006, he was awarded by Ministry of Education the title of National Famous Teacher. At present, he practices teaching, scientific research and clinical service in TCM pediatrics. He has been working at the forefront of teaching for a long time, and has undertaken the teaching and clinical guidance of TCM pediatrics for undergraduates, junior college students, seven-year medicine program students, master and doctor students. As a doctoral supervisor, he now guides 5 master students and 11 doctor students. He has chiefly compiled the textbook of TCM Pediatrics for postgraduates, undergraduates, junior college students and self-study vocational students and other students at various levels, as well as the textbook of Pediatrics Nursing for college students majoring in TCM nursing. He has organized discipline teachers to compile and publish poly-course multi-media teaching materials including online courses, CAI courseware and audio-visual teaching materials. By making full use of modern education techniques, he has taken the lead in establishing a solid teaching material system of TCM pediatrics. His scientific research focuses on: infantile pulmonary diseases and infantile splenic diseases. He has rich clinical diagnosis and treatment experience and a series of scientific research achievements in infantile pneumonia, asthma, recurrent respiratory tract infection, anorexia, malnutrition syndromes, diarrhea, fetal debility and other diseases. As a project leader, he has undertaken 17 projects of scientific research, including 5 national ones, 6 ministerial and provincial ones and 6 ones at the provincial-department or bureau level. The national projects undertaken by him include 2 projects of “10th-five-year” national scientific and technological key problems tackling. His research achievements have been granted more than 10 awards, including the award of science and technology of Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine, the award of teaching achievements in Jiangsu Province, the award of scientific and technological progress in Jiangsu Province; have been awarded 1 invention patent and 3 approvals of new drug clinical research.   

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