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Professor Cai Baochang

Prof. Cai Baochang, born in September, 1952 male, Chinese, Master and Doctor of Pharmacy. He is the professor and doctor supervisor of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, youth and middle-aged specialist with outstanding contribution at nation level, nation-level candidate for talent project, excellent teacher of the first session of the education of traditional Chinese medicine universities, nation-registered specialist of standardization of traditional Chinese medicine enjoying State Council’s expert allowance. He graduated from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in July, 1978. From May, 1988 to March, 1996, he went to Japan twice for further study in Japanese Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University and got his DP degree. He visited American XBL Lab as a senior scholar in October, 1999. From January, 1985 to March, 2013, he assumed vice president of his major, deputy director of the institute (presided over work), assistant of university president, vice president of the university, associate director of university academic board, etc. He is now the leader of national top-class medical discipline of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, director of national modern technologic sector base of traditional Chinese medicine (Jiangsu Province), director of standardization engineering institute center of processing of traditional Chinese medicine at Ministry of Education of China, director of the transmission base of national traditional Chinese medicine processing technology, director of institute platform of quality standard of dedicated traditional Chinese medicine material crude slices of “the eleventh five-year” and “the twelfth five-year” innovation medicines at Ministry of Science and Technology of China; he has mainly worked on the research of processing mechanism and crude slices of traditional Chinese medicines and their industrialization.

He has completed nation-level textbook of Processing Science of Traditional Chinese Medicines for undergraduates, the first textbook of Selected Theory of Processing Science of Traditional Chinese Medicines for postgraduates, the first book of Pharmaceutical Engineering Traditional Chinese Medicines, 15 textbooks for students overseas and has published widely in both English and Chinese and reviewed 5 textbooks and published works, wherein “Processing Science of Traditional Chinese Medicines” has ever recognized as Top-quality textbook by Jiangsu Province. He has presided over 33 national and provincial subjects (wherein 10 national natural scientific funds including 2 important research programs of national natural scientific funds and 3 primary specialists). So far, he has fostered 71 masters, 42 doctors (7 overseas), 9 post-doctors, among whom 2 doctors and 2 masters have respectively obtained excellent doctor thesis and excellent master thesis of Jiangsu Province, 1 doctor has obtained nomination of nationwide excellent doctor thesis and 5 doctors have obtained Qiushi scholarship of HK. He has also published over 800 thesis together with masters and over 100 SCI theses. He has recognized as the primary author with 15 national and provincial prizes, 9 developed new medicines (8 is approved for clinical research and 1 is allowed for production), 1 national important new product, 5 excellent new products of Jiangsu Province and 37 patents; Devoting in scientific research for over 30 years, he has positively explored the cooperation methods and approaches of production, learning and research of China universities and cultivation methods and approaches of innovation and entrepreneur talents and invited the boiling machine of traditional Chinese medicines with partners as the leader which was certificated by international standard, invited “Intellectual Traditional Chinese Medicine Crude Slices Processing Equipment and Its Information Management System QSMES V1.0” as the leader which is an facility with complete self-owned intellectual property right and recognized as “nation-level important new product” by Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Ministry of Commerce, Environmental Protection Administration and Quality Administration, thus filling the vacancy of the field. He has participated in the establishment and revision of 37 national standards of traditional Chinese crude slices in edition 2010 and 2015. He has ever assumed director of national modern science and technology sector (Jiangsu) base of traditional Chinese medicines as well as demonstration base of informationization and industrialization combination of China Industry and Information Ministry, President of Quality Committee of Traditional Chinese Medicine Crude Slices of World Traditional Chinese Medicine Society and President of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials and Crude Slices Committee of China Pharmaceutical Substances Society, etc.

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