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TCM Master Zou Yanqin

Zou Yanqin (1933-), female, Han nationality, born in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, a member of Communist Party of China, holder of double bachelor of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and biology, one of the third-batch masters of TCM, professor and doctoral supervisor of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, chief physician of TCM, one of the first-batch postdoctoral supervisors of TCM inheritance in China, one of the first-batch famous teachers of TCM in Jiangsu Province, one of the first-batch famous TCM physicians in Jiangsu Province, an expert enjoying the special allowance of State Council, one of the second-batch, third-batch, fourth-batch, fifth-batch and sixth-batch teachers for the inheritance of the academic experience of famous and senior TCM experts in China, one of the first-batch, second-batch, third-batch and fourth-batch advisers of excellent clinical TCM research talents of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an expert of Zou Yanqin Workshop for the inheritance of the academic experience of the famous and senior TCM experts in China, academic leader of nephropathy of the Hospital Attached to Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (The TCM Hospital of Jiangsu Province) , a member of the Fourth and Fifth national review committees of new drugs (TCM), a correspondence judge of National Natural Science Foundation; now serves as advisor of China Association of Chinese Medicine, Nephropathy Sub-association; World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Nephropathy Specialized Committee; China Medical Association of Minorities, Nephropathy Sub-association; honorary director of East China TCM Nephropathy Specialized Committee, and adviser of Jiangsu Province TCM Nephropathy Specialized Committee; once served as vice-president and Party committee vice-secretary of the Hospital Attached to Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (The TCM Hospital of Jiangsu Province), and vice-dean of Department of TCM of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2016, she was awarded the title of “one of the 12th-batch excellent scientific and technological workers in Jiangsu Province” by Jiangsu Association of Science and Technology. In 2018, she was appraised as “a TCM newsmaker in Jiangsu Province in 2017” by the TCM Development Research Center of Jiangsu Province. 

Prof. Zou Yanqin is the fourth-generation descendant of Fei Boxiong, a famous physician of Menghe TCM School, and learned from Prof. Zou Yunxiang, her father and the founder of Chinese TCM nephropathy discipline, and made continuous innovative development after acquiring authentic TCM knowledge from her father, and has become a leading figure of contemporary TCM nephropathy and a representative figure of Zou’s TCM nephropathy. Prof. Zou Yanqin has been engaging in TCM clinical practice, teaching and scientific research for more than 50 years, and proficient in curing various primary and secondary kidney diseases. She is a famous scientist of TCM nephropathy in China. She is much accomplished in the plaster for internal use of geriatric diseases, miscellaneous diseases of internal medicine and winter recuperation and healthcare. She established and advocated the academic idea system of kidney treatment centered on “maintaining the vital energy of kidney”, and focused on the maintenance of the vital energy of kidney, accurate discrimination, gentle treatment, light and flexible drug administration, and obvious therapeutic effect. Her scientific and technological achievements have been awarded two second prizes, two third prizes and two fourth prizes at the ministerial and provincial level, and she has been awarded the title of “the advanced worker of science, technology and education” by Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Public Health Department of Jiangsu Province and the TCM Administration of Jiangsu Province. She pays close attention to the transformation of clinical and scientific research achievements. She has developed 4 new drugs. Therein, “Senwu Kidney Tonifying Tablet” and “Haemopis Kidney Tonifying Capsule” have been awarded National New Drug Certificate, and have won the extensive praise of patients since they were launched onto the market. She pays close attention to discipline construction. In 1996, a team led by her built up the first “National TCM Nephropathy Treatment Center”. She is diligent in writing books. She has published more than 10 monographs. She is diligent in education. She has brought up more than 60 disciples and master, doctoral and post-doctoral holders, and has brought up two generations of discipline leaders, and has brought more than 10 national key discipline leaders. Her disciples and students are spread at home and abroad. She has made outstanding contribution to the development of Chinese nephropathy undertakings. 

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