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TCM Master Xia Guicheng
Prof. Xia Guicheng is a famous TCM gynecological expert in China, a famous TCM physician in Jiangsu Province, a professor and doctoral supervisor at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, a gynecological chief physician at the TCM Hospital of Jiangsu Province, a gynecological expert of TCM, a member of National TCM Gynecology Academy, an executive member of TCM Gynecology Academic Committee of Jiangsu Province, a compiling committee member of Jiangsu TCM and Journal of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, enjoying special subsidy of government, having been practicing medical treatment, teaching and scientific research in TCM gynecology for more than 40 years, with rich practical experience. 
Prof. Xia is especially adept in treating infertility, endometriosis, membranous dysmenorrheal, early climacteric metancholia, etc., having formed his own unique viewpoints and syndrome differentiation methods to gynecological menses, leucorrhea, fetus and delivery. He proposes that the Yin and Yang growth/decline transformation in the menstrual period is based on a relationship of odd-even numerical law, emphasizing the characteristic of “preventive treatment of diseases”. He proposes the view of kidney-heart-womb physiological reproductive axis, reflecting the characteristic of “kidney-heart combined treatment”, reputed as “a child-bringing god”. In 1997, he was awarded the honor of one of the second-batch experts in inheritance of academic experience of famous and senior TCM physicians in 1997. “Tianya Tablet”, a TCM abortion and induction drug developed under his leadership was granted the award of scientific research of Ministry of Public Health. Since 1997, he has been enjoying the special subsidy of State Council, with the honorary title of “One of the Ten Best Physicians”. 
In his childhood, Prof. Xia lived in the countryside, smart and studious. However, he quitted school due to financial difficulty of his family. Later, recommended by his relative, he learned medicine from Xia Yijun, a famous physician in Jiangyin. He regarded Xia Yijun as his father. Three years later, he acquired the rudimentary knowledge of TCM. In the middle of the 1950s, with a strong passion for TCM, he went to Nanjing and studied at Jiangsu Province TCM Advanced Studies School after taking an exam. A year later, he began to work at TCM Hospital of Jiangsu Province, namely the Gynecology Department of the Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. The next year, he learned medicine from Senior Director Huang Heqiu. Having been practicing medicine for more than 50 years, Master Huang was adept in regulating menses and treating infertility diseases and syndromes. He once treated diseases with the method of promoting digestion and relieving stasis, enjoying a high reputation in Nanjing, with a lot of patients asking him for treatment. 

Prof. Xia respected Huang very much, and acquired his essential knowledge several years later. Thereupon, he began to diagnose and treat patients, achieving a desirable result. One day, a woman aged more than 50 years with a menopausal age of 3 years went to a hospital for treatment, with an expanded abdomen. She was judged to suffer from an intractable disease marked by lumps in pelvic cavity. Her family members had prepared for her death. Prof. Xia began to treat her upon the request of her relative. After careful observation and consideration, Xia applied the method of surface and inside double thermolysis solution, and again applied Huang’s method of promoting digestion and relieving stasis to regulate her menstruation. Eventually, the lumps disappeared and the woman became as robust as before. Although he derived joy from his treatment, he felt his strong responsibility as a doctor all the more, because a doctor could determine the safety and danger of patients, and it was more difficult to win the trust of patients than to be a doctor, and the profound theory of TCM went beyond the connotation of individual genres and classics, and it was quite necessary to remain diligent in reading and thinking and clinical practice. Thereupon, he devoted himself to theoretical research, and delved into ancient books on gynecology and contemporary medical reports, especially such gynecological classics as Fu Qingzhu Gynecology, Regulations on Gynecology and Prescriptions for Female Patients. 

In the early period of the 1960s, he published an article on studying the academic characteristics of Fu Qingzhu Gynecology on TCM Journal. In the 1970s, he began to engage in the research into menstrual periods and period-regulating methods, and acquired the enlightenment from the clinical application of basic body temperature introduced by Prof. Ge Qinsheng of Peking Union Medical College in Nanjing. From the 1980s to the 1990s, he applied the method of period regulation to study the intensive diagnosis and treatment of infertility, making some achievements. A woman surnamed Zhang aged 44 in Nanjing failed to give birth despite a marital period of 20 years, and felt quite worried about her infertility. She came to Prof. Xia for diagnosis. Prof. Xia taught her the method of kidney nourishing and period regulation and focused on the treatment in the period of intermenstrual ovulation. After taking medicine for one year, the woman became pregnant, but suffered from red spotting after pregnancy. Based on examination, this was attributed to complication of her myoma of uterus. Prof. Xia instructed her to lie in bed resting with kidney nourishing and stasis neutralizing. A year later, the woman gave birth to a son. 

As Prof. Xia often says, intractable syndromes of menses are often related to the abnormal evolution of menstrual periods, and the regulation of the evolution of menstrual periods must be related to the movement and change of Yin and Yang transformation and the biological clocks among the heaven, the earth and human beings. Thereupon, based on intensive research into Yi-ology, he proposed the heart-kidney-womb physiological and reproductive axis. Later, he studied the law of Yi numbers, detected there was a movement form of the odd law of “7, 5 and 3” and the even law of “2, 4 and 6” in the transformation between Yin and Yang. Preventive treatment of disease by regulation can cure intractable diseases. The same desirable effect was achieved when he applied the method of period regulation in organic and immune infertility. Once, a woman surnamed Zhou in the countryside of Jintan remained infertile seven days after marriage. She went to Shanghai, Beijing and other cities for treatment, and was told to be patient of chronic inflammation caused by positive immune antibodies. However, after having been treated by Chinese and Western medicine for three years, she remained uncured. Later, recommended by her friend, she came to Nanjing for the treatment of Prof. Xia. With the method of period regulation and liver and collaterals dredging and after drug administration of eight months, she became pregnant and later gave birth to a daughter named Ningyu meaning birth in Nanjing. Prof. Xia is reputed as “child-bringing god” because of his remarkable achievement in curing infertility. He went to Europe, USA and Australia to give lecturers many times, expounding menstrual periods and period regulating methods, and winning a high praise among overseas scholars with his Yi number law. In recent years, he has been teaching disciplines by deeds with his mastership on a governmental mission, and he has been trying to impart all he has learned to his disciplines to enlighten descendants.   


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