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TCM Master Zhu Liangchun

Prof. Zhu Liangchun is a famous TCM internal medicine scientist in China, with a strict research style, high medical skill and rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of Internal medicine diseases. He has successively developed such TCM new drugs as “Kidney Invigorating Pill”, “Liver Restoring Pill” and “Gout Electuary”, and has been granted ministerial and provincial awards of science and technology. His major academic works include Application of Decoctions with Medicinal Insects, Zhangcigong Medical Records, Medical Sublime Words, Zhu Liangchun Drug Administration Experience Collection, Book Series of Chinese Centennial 100 TCM Clinical Scientists: Zhu Liangchun, New Selection of Modern TCM Clinical Practice (Japanese edition, combined works), etc., totaling more than 10 books, and has published more than 180 academic theses. 

Established by Prof. Zhu, Nantong City Liangchun TCM Clinical Research Institute bases its diagnosis and treatment on the clinical experience of Prof. Zhu and other famous senior TCM physicians, basically uses pure Chinese medicine to treat Internal medicine, gynecology, dermatology and other diseases, and has achieved an obvious curative effect for such difficult as rheumatism, tumor, diseases in spleen and stomach, liver, kidney, respiratory system, heart and cerebral vessels, infertility, acne and psoriasis. In particular, its treatment of rheumatism always takes the lead nationwide. Tens of hundreds of patients come to the institute for diagnosis and treatment. Since the institute was established in 1992, it has treated more than 130 diseases by exerting TCM features, with patients from all parts of China including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and USA, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, etc. 

Prof. Zhu has always been concerned about the prosperity and decline of TCM undertakings, with a strong passion for academic inheritance and popularization. Upon invitation, he gave lecturers in various parts of China. In 2005 sponsored by Prof. Zhu together with more than ten senior TCM physicians including Deng Tietao, Ren Jixue and Lu Zhizheng, “2005 China-The 1st Famous TCM Scientist Academic Inheritance Summit Forum” hosted by the Municipal People’s Government of Nantong and undertaken by the TCM Hospital of Guangdong Province, Nantong Liangchun TCM Research Institute and Nantong TCM Hospital was launched in Nantong in June, with an unprecedented scale. Vice-minister She Jing delivered an important speech on the spot of the summit. This summit was launched in the form of “discipline speeches appraised by masters”, and the book entitled Masters and Disciplines was chiefly edited, tremendously promoting the academic inheritance and development of TCM, and achieving the purpose of “inheriting TCM legacy”. 

Profile of Prof. Zhu Liangchun 

Zhu Liangchun, male, Han nationality, born in August 1917, serves as a chief physician and professor at Nantong TCM Hospital. Since January 1939, he has been practicing clinical Chinese medicine, and is a national adviser in the inheritance of academic experience of senior TCM experts, and a famous TCM physician in Jiangsu Province. He enabled the fist-sized tumor of a lymphoma patient from Shanghai to vanish gradually, and cured a nearly disabled osteopathy patient. He mobilized folk snakebite doctors to offer their ancestral unique skill of snake venom treatment to the government, and he exploited illiterate folk doctors or experts. At the age of 90, he treated diseases and gave lecturers everywhere, passing down the legacy of TCM. As he often says, there are unknown diseases but there aren’t incurable diseases in the world. 

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