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TCM Master Xu Jingfan

Prof. Xu Jingfan has been delving into the diagnosis and treatment research of spleen and stomach diseases for more than 60 years, and has formed his own unique viewpoints and syndrome differentiation methods: By leading discipline construction, he has turned TCM Digestion Department of TCM Hospital of Jiangsu Province into the only TCM research base of spleen and stomach diseases in China, brought a reasonably-structured high-level TCM talent team, and enabled the endless lasting and inheritance of TCM undertakings, and has been appraised as one of the first national TCM masters with his simple and unsophisticated physician life marked by selfless dedication. 

Prof. Xu has initiated “paste prescription recumbent position drug administration method” to solve the attachment problem of Chinese medicine for esophagitis, and has formed his own unique viewpoints and syndrome differentiation methods to the diseases and syndromes of stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and other internal organs, winning the high admiration of patients and even his peers. Prof. Xu has been studying continuously, and has achieved a high curative effect by applying the method of combining Chinese and Western medicine to improve dosage forms and administration methods. With regard to treatment of stomach diseases, Prof. Xu proposes diagnosis and treatment from three forms and application of cuticles. With regard to treatment of chronic colitis with diarrhea as its principal syndrome, he has created the oral administration method of “Lianzhi Qingchang Decoction” and the reserved enema method of “Changyu Decoction”. With regard to treatment of remnant stomach inflammation, he has created “Remnant Stomach Decoction”. Applying the synthetic therapy of TCM is the constant practice of Prof. Xu. For example, with regard to the treatment of severe liver diseases with Yin deficiency and swelling syndromes, he applies oral administration, nose feeding, external treatment drug administration, acupuncture as well as such methods as Yin nourishing and diuresis, having achieved a very good effect. With regard to treatment of gastric cavity pains, he applies the acupuncture of such acupoints as Zhongwan and Zusanli, in connection with auricular needle treatment, with an obvious effect. In the opinion of Prof. Xu, Chinese medicine and Western medicine have their respective advantages and should supplement each other, and we should apply and draw on modern medicine expertise and skill to offer better TCM service. In connection with the cognition of modern medicine to gastric physiological function, he has proposed “the theory of ‘stomach can mill grains’ ”, with some practical significance in clinical medicine. With regard to acute pancreatitis, he applies the method of clearing, dissipating and dredging internal organs and resolving stagnancy and the method of external treatment, with a very good effect. He also often applies the research achievements of modern Chinese medicine pharmacology in clinical medicine on the basis of syndrome differentiation, having promoted the curative effect.

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