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TCM Master Zhou Zhongying

Prof. Zhou Zhongying, male, was born into a medical family in October 1928 in Rudong, Jiangsu Province. In his childhood, he learned TCM from his father Prof. Zhou Xiaozhai, and treated diseases for his townsmen. For higher medical skill, he successively studied at Shanghai Chinese Medical College and Jiangsu Province TCM Advanced Studies School. In 1956, he began to work at the Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing TCM College on such posts as resident doctor, lecturer, attending doctor, associate professor, deputy chief physician, chief physician and vice-president in succession. In 1983, he was transferred to the post of president at Nanjing TCM College. Now, he is a lifetime professor, chief physician and doctoral supervisor at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, and is concurrently a member of academic committee of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, a lifelong director of China Association of Chinese Medicine, a lifelong honorary president of Jiangsu Province Academy of TCM, etc. 

He once served as a representative of the 7th National Congress, a member of Discipline Appraisal Team of Academic Degree Committee of State Council (TCM), a member of TCM Expert Consultancy Committee of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a member of Medicine and Health Discipline Team of State Education Commission and Science & Technology Commission, a member of Drug Review Committee of Ministry of Public Health, the discipline leader of “TCM Internal Medicine (Emergency)” of key disciplines in Jiangsu Province, a winner of special government allowance of State Council, an excellent adviser of academic thoughts of national senior TCM experts, an advanced scientific and technological worker among institutions of higher learning nationwide, and an excellent postgraduate supervisor nationwide. In 2007, he was elected one of the first representative inheritors of the national intangible cultural heritage “TCM therapy”. In 2009, he was appraised as one of the first “TCM masters”. 

Having been practicing medical teaching and research of Chinese internal medicine for nearly 70 years, Prof. Zhou is adept in diagnosis and treatment of acute and difficult diseases, with courage. In terms of clinical practice, he is adept in the flexibility of syndrome differentiation. He proposes that first priority should be given to pathogenesis, attaches importance to the discipline construction of Chinese internal medicine, and advocates that discipline development must be based on independent innovation. He has successively set up the overview of internal medicine—the outline of treatment based on syndrome differentiation. By establishing the foundation of internal medicine disease system classification with the pathogenesis of internal organs as the core of syndrome differentiation, he has blazed a trail for the development of clinical specialization. In scientific research, he adheres to the basic principle of project research and design guided by the theory of Chinese medicine and based on clinical practice. He has successively taken charge of 36 national, ministerial and provincial projects, and has achieved 26 results of scientific research and been granted 24 awards of scientific and technological progress. For example, “Research into the Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fevers of TCM Treatment” was awarded the first prize of scientific and technological progress by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Ministry level). He has invented, transferred and commissioned 6 types of novel drugs of scientific research, and has applied for 12 invention patents. He has successively published more than 300 academic theses, and has chiefly compiled 36 textbooks and books including TCM Internal Medicine, TCM Internal Medicine Emergency and TCM Pathogenesis Syndrome Differentiation. TCM Chinese Medicine has been honorably awarded the grand prize of excellent teaching materials and the prize of nomination for the 1st government award and book award of Chinese publications. Practical TCM Internal Medicine has been honorably granted the 5th book award for Chinese excellent publications. He has successively brought up more than 50 master and doctor degree holders, postdoctoral scholars and academic inheritors, having made outstanding contribution to the development of TCM education undertakings. 

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