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Labs & Centers
Research Achievements
Labs & Centers

1. Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center of Chinese Medicinal Resources Industrialization

Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center of Chinese Medicinal Resources Industrialization was officially launched as the first batch of the Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center. This center constructed the innovative strategic union based on Chinese materia medica discipline -China first class key discipline and Jiangsu Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions. It intensifies the collaboration between universities, as well as universities and corporations through multidisciplinary compensation in related areas. It makes breakthrough with joint efforts by concentrating on a range of scientific problems and restrictions in the process of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) resources industrialization and industry chain expansion. The center acts as a supporter for the development of TCM and Biomedicine industry, which instills vibrant energy to regional social and economical development, and sets an example for a ‘trinity construction’ of discipline, talents and research.
Based on the establishment of this innovation center, our university will further reinforce the innovation sense by breakthrough the barriers between disciplines, universities, research fields and regions. Our university will actively construct the new mode and system of collaborative innovation, accelerate the strategic integration of knowledge innovation, technical innovation and regional innovation, which will ultimately contribute for the development of “Domestic Topping; World Famous” research-teaching university of Chinese medicine.

 Prof. Duan Jin’ao, Director of the center receiving award from Jiangsu provincial government
Experts Consultation Meeting on Development and Planning of the Center

2. National and Local Collaborative Engineering Center of Chinese Medicinal Resources Industrialization and Formulae Innovative Medicine
Jiangsu Key Laboratory for High Technology Research of TCM Formulae
Jiangsu Key Laboratory for TCM Formulae Research
Jiangsu Engineering Center of Innovative Drug from Blood-conditioning TCM Formulae

This platform is built upon subjects of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Materia Medica, under the guidance of TCM theory. Its major research covers the standardized production and quality evaluation of Chinese medicine, chemical constitutions in Chinese medicine and natural medicine resources, comprehensive development and utilization of Chinese medicine resources, compatibility rule of Chinese medicine herbal pair, basic formulae and similar formulae, incompatibility of Chinese medicine and the relationship of dosage, toxicity and efficacy, and the active components of formulae. The platform has been authorized with one National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program) project, and has won the second prize of 2011 National Scientific and Technological Progress Award since its establishment. Over the past five years, more than 150 papers have been published in periodicals indexed in the SCI (Science Citation Index), and its overall strength occupies the front row in the same field of China.

           Prof. Duan Jin’ao, Director of the Laboratory     

Group Photo

Won the Second Prize for the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award

3. Research Center of Chinese Ministry of Education for the Normalization and Standardization Project of Chinese Medicine Processing
Key Laboratory of Chinese Administration of TCM for Chinese Medicine Processing Standards
Jiangsu Chinese Medicine Processing Key laboratory
This center relies on the national key discipline of Chinese Materia Medica in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. It follows the construction philosophy of combining Chinese medical diagnosis and Chinese medicine, traditional theory and modern scientific technology, and basic research and technology application. By doing in-depth research in the theory, mechanism, attenuation and safety evaluation of Chinese medicine processing, the normalization of the standards of Chinese medicine pieces, and the automation and industrialization of the equipments and machines in the production of Chinese medicine pieces, the center offers a platform for basic researches including normalization and standardization of Chinese medicine processing, and automation and industrialization in the production of Chinese medicine pieces.

Prof. Cai Baochang, Director of the Center          

 Group Photo
Research Achievements

4. Provincial and Ministerial Co-founded Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education for Combined Treatment of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Science of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
This laboratory, built in 1984, became the provincial and ministerial co-founded key laboratory of the Ministry of Education in 2008. The laboratory aims at exploring the effect law and material foundation of the combined treatment of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and puts forward the academic thought that the combined treatment of acupuncture and Chinese medicine can enhance effect and reduce toxicity. It introduces Jiangsu distinguished professors and groups to build a multi-functional laboratory of high flux measurement, small animal images, nerve behavior and physiology, and morphology. It undertakes four subjects of the 973 Programme and nineteen projects of National Natural Science Foundation successively. It has made eight provincial achievements by doing research from the aspects of effective feature, combination principle, and the molecular mechanisms of special effects. The academic achievements of the laboratory will lay a solid foundation for the construction of a new TCM clinical model.

        Prof. Wang Lingling, Director of the Laboratory  

Group Photo

5. Key Laboratory of State Administration of TCM for Specialized in TCM Pathogenesis of Blood Stasis & Heat
The laboratory focuses on the inheritance and innovation of TCM pathogenesis theory of intractable diseases in internal medicine. Its research includes the evolving rules of clinical at manifestation due to blood stasis & heat, the treatment plan based on its syndrome differentiation, the pathogenesis essence of blood stasis & heat, and the therapeutic mechanism of cooling blood and resolving stasis.
In 2009, the laboratory was listed among the first batch of key laboratories under construction by State Administration of TCM. In 2012, it passed the investigation and approval procedure for construction by forming a research team with multi-disciplinary coordination in medical treatment, teaching and researching, and was awarded as an outstanding scientific and technological innovation team among Jiangsu universities. In recent years, it has finished three state-class subjects such as 973 Programme, and the science and technology supported programme of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. Among the ongoing research projects, three projects are authorized by National Natural Science Foundation, one project is authorized by the science and technology supported programme of the twelfth Five-year Plan. It wins two third-prize of Jiangsu science and technology progress medal. 

Prof. Wu Mianhua, Director of the Laboratory 

Group Photo

Research Achievements

6. Key laboratory of State Administration of TCM for Empirical Formulae Evaluation and Achievements Transformation
Engineering Laboratory of Jiangsu Province for Antitumor Empirical Formula Research and Industrialization
Empirical Formulae Research Center of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
As the only professional center in the domestic field of empirical formulae research, this center is built with the support of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) branch of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. With the guiding principle of translational medicine, the center fully integrate the advantages of resources and actively carry out collaborative innovation, focus on the evaluation of empirical formulae curative effect on critical diseases treatment and promotes its industrial transformation through studying in four areas, including establishment of empirical formulae database and its knowledge discovery, study of efficacy and material basis of empirical formulae, study of the hospital preparation, and study of pharmaceutical preparation technique. The center’s research is on the leading level in the similar field in China.

Associate Prof. Cheng Haibo, Director of the Laboratory   

Prof. Zhou Zhongying, TCM Master 

The Key Laboratory Approval Documentation

7. Jiangsu Research and Development Center for Marine Drugs
Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Research and Development in Marine Bio-resource Pharmaceutics
This center is the first provincial research and development center for marine drugs sponsored by provincial government in China. The center develops marine products under the guidance of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. By combining advantages to make a comprehensive utilization of marine medicinal biological resources in Jiangsu province and surrounding coastal provinces, it improves the research and development ability in marine drugs of our province. In recent years, the center further expands its research fields and makes progress in the investigation of Jiangsu superior resources such as shellfish and alga, basic research, products development and enterprise production. The center aims to become the technology sub-center of Sate Oceanic Administration for the project of comprehensive utilization in marine medicinal biological resources and a supporter for Jiangsu economic development of medicine in coastal regions.

 Prof. Wu Hao, Director of the Center           

Research Achievements   

8. Jiangsu Technology Research Center for the Deep Processing Project of Botanical Drugs
This center focuses on the innovation of Chinese medicine, which meets the great demands of national development, and struggles to construct TCM pharmaceutical theory and technology system featuring holism with a prospect of industrialization. The center possesses a multi-disciplinary technology team, and initially takes the shape of an innovation platform centering on the new and high technology of Chinese medicine preparation. Its research in the basis and application of separation technology in Chinese medicine velum is on the leading level in China.
The major research of the center includes :(1) new separation unit and assembly of Chinese medicine focusing on membrane technology; (2) the safety and efficacy evaluation of Chinese medicine separation technology based on PK/PD model; and (3) the research and development of the innovative dosage form of Chinese medicine.

Prof. Guo Liwei, Director of the Center   
Research Achievements

9. Jiangsu Project Laboratory for TCM Regimen Technology
Nanjing Technology Research Center for TCM Regimen Project
By evolving around the demands of market and company, and sticking to the operation and management principle of ‘open, mobilization, union, and competition’, this center makes central construction and project development from four aspects, including healthcare and regimen food, cosmetics and body-building goods, the research and development of healthcare facilities, and the test of healthcare and regimen products. With the support of Jiangsu Life Science Zone and the disciplinary advantage of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, the center displays its TCM characteristics. It establishes an integrated application research base of ‘technology development--talent cultivation--science and technology innovation--achievement transformation’ through the union of related corporations, and it endeavors to cultivate talents and carry out the cooperation among industry, academy, and research in TCM regimen, TCM rehabilitation engineering technology, and nutriology.

Prof. Chen Diping, Director of the Laboratory
Initiation Ceremony of the Laboratory

10. Jiangsu Key Laboratory for the Evaluation of the Pharmaceutical Effect and safety of Chinese Medicine
This laboratory is a high-tech professional research institution focusing on the evaluation of the Pharmaceutical effect and safety of Chinese medicine, which is authorized by Jiangsu Department of Science and Technology. The laboratory is supported by multi-disciplinary human resources, advanced technology and instruments in the subjects of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Materia Medica of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. On the basis of the research technology it has mastered the pharmaceutical effect in the treatment of the diseases in cardio-cerebral vascular system, tumor, endocrine, gynecology, and the diseases in digestive and respiratory system, the laboratory establishes a systemic technology and method for the research and evaluation of drug safety. The laboratory is committed to the research in the technical regulation and system of the pharmaceutical effect and safety evaluation of Chinese medicine. The overall strength of the laboratory is of leading level in the same field of China.   

Prof. Lu Yin, Director of the Laboratory               

Research Achievements

11. Jiangsu Technology Research Center for the Project of Efficient Chinese medicine Administration System
This center mainly focuses on the quality evaluation in the preparation of efficient Chinese medicine administration, the dosage form design and technology application of efficient Chinese medicine administration. With the guidance of TCM theory, the center explores the evaluation model of various classifications of Chinese medicine and biopharmacy, conducts systemic research in the disposal process of active ingredients in Chinese medicine preparation and the feature of biopharmacy and pharmacokinetic, and carries out specific application research in the technology of efficient drug administration, as well as creative design and industrialization of dosage form.
The center takes the technical advantage of the design and application of the dosage form in drug administration, and focuses on the research and development of new Chinese medicine, healthcare foods and hospital preparations.

Prof. Di Liuqin, Director of the Center

12.   Laboratory Animal Center of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
Laboratory Animal Center, affiliated to Office of Science and Technology, is a public service center facing to the university’s teaching and research, which integrates the teaching, supply and research of laboratory animals. The center has obtained laboratory animal use license awarded by Laboratory Animal Management Committee of Jiangsu Province. The total construction area of the center is 1800 ㎡, of which 1000 ㎡ is barrier environment facilities and 800 ㎡ is conventional environment facilities. The center has ten staff, 1 with senior professional title, 4 intermediate title, 2 junior title and 3 technicians, supplying more than 90,000 animals and receives more than 150 animal experiments every year.

13. Drug Safety Evaluation Research Center of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
Drug Safety Evaluation Research Center of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine was approved to be established by the Department of Education of Jiangsu province in September, 2009. As a drug preclinical safety evaluation agency, the center was co-invested by Jiangsu provincial government, Tang Zhongying Foundation and Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. Meanwhile, the center is also an important constitution of both Jiangsu research institute of traditional Chinese medicine and pharmaceutical innovation center, and key laboratory of Chinese medicine efficacy and safety evaluation of science and technology department of Jiangsu province. In the center, all the institutions and instruments which needed in the drug preclinical safety evaluation were possessed. Besides the research of drug safety evaluation, other researches in the fields of pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and molecular / cell biology can also be well performed. As a considerable public platform of technological service in the university, the center accepts the research programs related with drug safety evaluation towards the whole society, and also responsible for the tasks sourced from high technology public service platform of Jiangsu province.



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