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The Library was established in 1954. It has been known as the Library of Jiangsu Traditional Chinese Medicine Training School, the Branch Library of Jiangsu New Medical College, the Library of Nanjing Traditional Chinese Medicine College, and now the Jingwen Library of the University, Xianlin Campus. Founded in 2005 with the generous donation of C.W.CHU FOUNDATION, Jingwen Library is named after Dr Chu Ching-wen who was a prominent educational industrialist, covering an area of 29,800 square meters. 

Currently, the Library has over 1 million volumes of printed books, especially ancient books, the literature of the Republic of China and local chronicles, etc. There are more than 3,000 kinds and 40,000 volumes of ancient books, accounting for 40% of the existing ancient TCM books. In particular, the unique copies of the block-printed “Xing Yuan Sheng Chun” during the period of Emperor Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, block-printed “Xiu Zhen Fang” during the period of Emperor Zhengde in the Ming Dynasty, block-printed “Ling Shu Jing” during the period of Emperor Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty, block-printed “Shi Wu Ben Cao” during the period of Emperor Tianqi in the Ming Dynasty and block-printed “ Complete Compendium of Ancient and Modern Medical Works” during the period of Emperor Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty can be found in the library. In 2008, the Library was listed by the State Council into the first “National Key Protection Units of Ancient Books” as the only selected library of TCM colleges and universities nationwide at that time. There are 4 books selected into “National Rare Ancient Book Directory” and 25 books selected into “Rare Ancient Book Directory of Jiangsu Province”. The current collection of ancient books and literature of the Republic of China has been digitized. Every year, the Library provides an open access to 1,056 kinds of printed Chinese and foreign journals, about 1 million Chinese and foreign electronic books, 21,000 kinds of Chinese and foreign electronic journals as well as 96 kinds of database resources. The total number of its digital literature resources has ranked first among the national colleges and universities of Chinese medicine. The contents of the database have basically covered all the disciplines of our university, and the rich, high-quality digital resources provide a strong guarantee for the comprehensive improvement of the university’s teaching and scientific research and discipline construction levels. 

The library has an open-shelf large-scale borrowing room divided into Medicine, Literature, Foreign Language and Comprehensive sections, equipped with electronic reading room, reading room, the reader training room, academic lecture hall, self-study room, study exchange room and other functional areas. With 4,000 reading seats, the Library carries out the management and service model integrating collection, borrowing, reading and WiFi as a whole. The Library is opened for over 100 hours each week and offers 24-hour WiFi services without interruption. Readers will be provided with “Li Zhengjun Scholarship” and “Bookworm Award to Celebrate the Birthday of NJUCM”. The Library has been providing not only the basic services such as borrowing and reading of printed literature, review and downloading of electronic literature, self-service, photocopying, printing, reference service, information literacy education, document delivery, SDI service and sci-tech novelty retrieval, but also accurate information services associated with the related courses, embedded teaching and integrated into the scientific research by establishing special service platforms based on mobile and network technology, according to teaching, scientific research and academic exchange needs. 

The Library has been actively involved in China's higher education resources sharing and digital construction work. Having been known as a member of CALIS and JALIS as well as Nanjing sub-center, Chinese Medicine Literature Retrieval Center of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the library can provide through network domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning and academic institutions with support for teaching and scientific research of Chinese medicine. 

Under the leadership of the president and the curator, the Library currently has 52 employees, including 7 PhD degree holders, 1 post-doctor, 31 master degree holders. Of them, the PhD and Master Degree holders account for 68.4% and senior professional title holders account for 35.1%. The Library has such departments as Resources Construction Dept., Circulation Services Dept., Technical Services Dept., Ancient Books Dept., Literature Retrieval Dept., Information Retrieval Dept. and Discipline Services Dept. As the knowledge sharing center and cultural and educational base of the university, under the guidance of the overall goal of building a world-class university with the first-rate disciplines, the Library has been transforming itself into a characteristic university library of both knowledge and research type by insistently taking the resources, technology and services as the center, with the purpose of promoting the application of Chinese medicine literature resources. 


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