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SZYY Group Pharmaceutical Limited

Established in 1972, SZYY Group Pharmaceutical Group is a large-scale group of pharmaceutical industry which develops in the same pace with Chinese pharmaceutical industry, in line with international pharmaceutical standards and at a high starting point. The head office of the group is located in the SZYY Park in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province. With SZYY Group Pharmaceutical Limited as its core, SZYY Group has 6 share-controlled companies including Jiangsu Suzhong Haixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Nanjing Suzhong Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Taizhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., with a total asset amount of RMB 1 billion and more than 3,000 in-service employees. Various talents of scientific and technological management account for more than 50% of the total of employees. The enterprise involves more than 180 varieties of natural drugs, chemical drugs, marine drugs and biological and biochemical drugs. In recent years, the performance of the company has been increasing at an annual rate of more than 40%. The aggregative indicator of the company ranks among the top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises nationwide.

SZYY Group Pharmaceutical Limited is a national high-tech enterprise, with a post-doctoral workstation, an Academician workstation and a technological center. It has undertaken a Torch Planning Program of Ministry of Science and Technology, a Double-high and One-Excellent Program of State Economic and Trade Commission and an Industrialized Demonstration Engineering Project of State Development Planning Commission. It has been designated as a Key Backbone Enterprise of Taizhou Pharmaceutical Industry Base of National Torch Program and a Core Enterprise of China Medical City. During its development, the enterprise has been actively changing its development mode, adhering to independent innovation, dramatically increasing its input in research and development, and reinforcing the technological content of its products with science and technology as guidance. The enterprise has successfully developed 16 exclusive-patent new drugs at and above national Class-3. Therein, Zhichuanling injection, ambrette capsule, qingxuan cough-relief granule and Yihechun oral liquid have been appraised as national key new products by the five ministries/commissions of the state. 

In its development process, the company has been adhering to the cultural philosophy of “Nourishing everything, prospering China”, advocating the service spirit of “creating health with the help of science and technology”, trying to meet customer demand, and endeavoring to promote its brand image with marketing, R & D, innovation and management as its guidance, core, power and basis respectively. The company has established an advanced ERP system and a strict GMP, GSP quality management system. The company has been actively exerting the bridge function of its post-doctoral workstation, Academician workstation and corporate technological center, paying attention to talent training and introduction, and inheriting and popularizing the cultural features of traditional Chinese medicine. The company is dedicated to practicing the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and sincerely serving the health of all human beings with the sentiment of “serving the nation with industry”.

On its future development road, SZYY Group Pharmaceutical Limited will try to build up a large-scale comprehensive pharmaceutical park in China marked by the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, bioengineering and gene engineering + health care products and medical apparatus and instruments by making full use of its own overall advantage in human resources, product research and development and market exploration and by bringing in talents, projects and capital, and will build a desirable enterprise culture with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, and make greater contribution to building a harmonious society.

SZYY Group Pharmaceutical Limited 
Tel: 400-8609609-5168/ 0086-523-88851178
Add: No.1 Suzhong Rd., Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province 

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