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Xuzhou Central Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Xuzhou Central Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, the original Fourth People’s Hospital of Xuzhou City, is a Grade Ⅲ Level A hospital with large scale, strong comprehensive strength, high technical level and good public reputation in Huaihai Economic Zone. It has been honored as National Innovation Hospital, National Top 100 Model Hospitals Reliable to the Mass, National Advanced Unit of Medical Service Price, Cost Monitoring and Network Research, Jiangsu Provincial Civilized Unit, Jiangsu Provincial Customer Satisfaction Service Unit and so forth successively.

Team of talents: it has been staffed with 5,364employees including 721with senior titles, 783 graduate students, 8 winners of Special Allowance of the State Council, 3 Advanced Workers of National Health System, 3 honored as Provincial Lifetime Honor Award for Doctors, 1 with Secondary Position of Provincial Professional Technology (second degree of senior title), 17 Provincial Top Six Talents, 8 Experts with Outstanding Contribution in Jiangsu Province, 38 Training Talents of Provincial 333 Project, 2 Key Talents of Jiangsu Provincial Medical Science, 98 Excellent Experts and Topnotch Talents of Xuzhou City, 5 Training Talents of Medical Leading Talents of Xuzhou City, 133 supervisors of doctors and masters and 32 chairmen and vice chairmen of associations above provincial level.

Technical force: it has set 86 clinical specialties (wards) and 27 medical specialties. To put it concretely, it includes the following parts:

13 clinical key specialties of provincial level: department of cardiovascular medicine, department of emergency medicine, department of stomatology, rehabilitation department, urinary surgery, endocrinology department, gynecology, department of oncology, department of orthopedics, imaging department (radio-logical department, ultrasonography department, CT nuclear magnetic and minimally invasive surgery intervention) and department of traditional Chinese medicine, pediatrics and obstetrics;

National model center: chest pain center, atrial fibrillation center, heart failure center

Jiangsu provincial innovation team of medical science: urinary surgery

8 medical training bases of endoscopy and minimally invasive of National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China: urinary surgery, general surgery department, department of orthopedics, obstetrical department, thoracic surgery, otorhinolaryngology-head and neck surgery, department of gastroenterology and vascular intervention department

3 municipal treatment centers of Xuzhou City: treatment center of cardiovascular disease, treatment center of rehabilitation medicine and treatment center of endocrinology 

33 municipal clinical key specialties of Xuzhou City: department of critical care medicine, general surgery department (minimally invasive surgery of blood nail hernia, hepatobiliary and pancreatic spleen surgery, breast surgery, gastrointestinal surgery and anorectal department) obstetrical department, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, cardiac surgery, thoracic surgery, radiotherapy department, pneumology department, nephrology department, pediatrics,  reproductive center (construction unit), hematology department, gastroenterology department, neurology, department of rheumatism, plastic surgery, department of anesthesiology, nuclear medicine department, pharmacy department, clinical laboratory, pathology department, cardiovascular care, critical care, emergency treatment care, general surgery care and nephrology care.

5 key laboratories of Xuzhou City: laboratory of endocrinology and metabolic disease, intensive medical laboratory, HLA gene sequencing laboratory, laboratory of clinical immunology and allergy and Biological laboratory of cardiovascular molecules.

9 national drug clinical trial organizations identified by China Food and Drug Administration: department of stomatology, endocrinology department, obstetrical department, department of oncology, surgical oncology, neurology, pneumology department, rheumatism immunity department and department of orthopedics.

Medical emergency center of Xuzhou City and rescue center of road traffic accident of Xuzhou City are also set up in our hospital.

Medical equipment: now the main building of the hospital includes: outpatient ward building, ward building of medical technology, center building of heart treatment, institute building of cancer treatment (the original integrated ward building), center building of children treatment, medical examination center and so forth. Equipped with about 5,500 open beds, first-class ward facilities, intensive care units installed in accordance with national standard, the hospital has relatively strong pre-hospital and inner-hospital comprehensive first-aid ability. In addition, our hospital has taken the lead in total equipment, total amount and progressiveness in the area. To put it concretely, it has 4,734 equipment worth over 10 thousand RMB which are unique in the area including PET—CT, 320-row CT, gem energy spectrum CT, 64-slice spiral CT, 3.0T nuclear magnetic resonance, 1.5T nuclear magnetic resonance, cardiovascular angiography, Swiss Varian linear accelerator, femtosecond laser and so forth. And the total value of equipment is up to 925 million RMB.

Research and teaching: the hospital now is the Affiliated Hospital Medical School of Southeast University, Affiliated Xuzhou Central Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Xuzhou Clinical Medical College of Integrated TCM and Western Medicine of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Xuzhou Clinical Medical School of Xuzhou Medical College, Xuzhou School of Stomatology of Shandong Weifang Medical University, Xuzhou Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, Xuzhou Institute of Medical Science, Institute of Tumor of Southeast University (Xuzhou) and Institute of Reproductive Medicine of Southeast University (Xuzhou). In addition, it has set postdoctoral research stations approved by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China. And it has also established first-class central laboratories and training centers of clinical skills. The hospital has been honored as standardized training base of national resident doctors. Its 31 specialties, the number of which ranks number one in the province, have passed site acceptance; What’s more, it’s the first batch of demonstration base of standardized training for general practitioners in Jiangsu Province, standardized training base of resident doctors in Jiangsu Province, periodic assessment agency of physicians in Jiangsu Province, business training organization for physicians to change the scope of practice (clinical category) in Jiangsu Province and training base of grassroots medical backbones in Huaihai Economic Zone.

Outpatient and emergency service: the hospital is the first one to put forward features outpatient system such as expert outpatient service on Sunday, full-time expert outpatient service, outpatient service for specialist disease, expert consultation center, appointment of outpatient service and so on in the city. Moreover, the hospital has set and improved emergency procedure of four critical diseases including poisoning, trauma, acute myocardial infarction and malignant arrhythmia and stroke and has made green channel for first aid; the hospital also opens kinds of registration modes such as online booking, site reservation, phone appointment and so forth. It also opens some services like palm outpatient system, Alipay service windows, inspection report checking, self-registration and self-printing of inspection report and so on; all medical departments implement time-limited service and establish “Volunteer service team of the hospital”, assisting outpatient management in the peak period of treatment. What’s more, the hospital puts forward the health hotline 96120 and provides service such as registration appointment, medical guidance and hotline service of expert consultation. It also develops special service of volunteering clinics and volunteering clinics for incurable diseases at the outpatient hall.

Hospital services: the hospital has set up inpatient service center to help with patients’ life service in the whole process from entering the hospital, being hospitalized to leaving the hospital. And it takes the lead in implementing one day one list system in terms of hospital medical expense in China. It has also developed communication between doctors and patients and health education actively. Under this circumstance, associations among different patients with different diseases can be held regularly, which is quite popular in the form of education through entertainment. To put it concretely, the hospital ensures that they make explanation of health and agricultural insurance policy by the bed, reserve food and send food to the bed, provide self-discharging settlement service by the bed and provide direct reimbursement service on the spot for inpatients in relation to new rural cooperative medical system. So it has been a consensus in Xuzhou and the surrounding areas that to choose the Fourth Hospital if one has to be hospitalized.

Hospital culture: all medical staff stick to the hospital motto of “Good skills, sincere service, perfect professions and kind heart” firmly and the service idea “Be sincere to patients and be friends forever”.

Office workers shall fulfill the service idea of “respect workers, keep patients first, be loyal to duty and happy to contribute”.

Clinical care staff shall fulfill the concept of “take care of a patient, show a kind heart and make a friend”.

Service capacity: the medical service covers nearly 20 cities and 147 county districts where are contiguous areas of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui provinces; the construction area of the first phase project of new City Hospital (encephalopathy hospital) is 160 thousand square meters. Moreover, it is equipped with first-class devices such as CT, nuclear magnetic resonance, X-ray machine, DSA, ultrasound, biochemical test instrument and so forth. It also has first-class operating rooms and intensive care units.

The hospital hosts Xuzhou Institute of Medical Science and prepares to establish hospital of endocrine and metabolic disease; it also has merged the original Senile Diseases Hospital, established Xuzhou Rehabilitation Hospital (level III hospital) and hosted Shuanggou Central Hospital of Suining County. In addition, there are 26 hospitals above level II, 200 township hospitals and over 10 community health centers under the jurisdiction of its established “Medical Group of Xuzhou Central Hospital” in the contiguous areas of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui provinces.

In 2017, the outpatient visits were 2,960,000, the discharged patients reached up to 199,300 and 72,000patients accepted operations. The hospital has been ranked number one in terms of satisfaction in the questionnaire on discharged patients of third-grade hospitals in the successive three years from 2012 to 2014 in the whole province.

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