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Lianyungang Clinical Medicine School of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Lianyungang Clinical Medicine School of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine was founded in October of 1951. With painstaking efforts of generations, it has developed into the largest Grade III Level A General Hospital and Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University, School of Clinical Medicine of Nanjing Medical University, Nantong Clinical Medicine School of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Affiliated Hospital of Kangda Institute of Nanjing Medical University in east Xu-Huai Region from a hospital with only 15 staff and 15 beds at the beginning of founding. The hospital possesses several scientific research innovation platforms including the National Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation, National Drugs Clinic Trials Certification Body, Lianyungang Research Base of National Clinical Medicine Research Center, National Resident Doctor Standardization Training Base, National General Practitioner Standardization Training Base, Stroke Screening and Prevention Base Hospital of Ministry of Health, Endoscopic and Mini-invasive Medical Training Base of Ministry of Health, National Clinical Pharmacist Training Base, Jiangsu Provincial Post-Doctoral Innovative Practice Base, Jiangsu Provincial Nuclear Radiation Treatment Base, Jiangsu Provincial General Practitioner Training Demonstration Base and Jiangsu Provincial Resident Doctor Standardization Demonstration Base, etc.. In recent years, the hospital has been successively awarded National Advanced Health System Collective, National Advanced Health Culture Construction Unit, National General Hospital Traditional Chinese medicine Work Demonstration Unit, Jiangsu Civilized Unit, Jiangsu Top 10 Hospitals, Jiangsu Advanced Health System Collective, Jiangsu Provincial Safe Hospital, Jiangsu Qualified Hospital for Implementing Patient Safety Goal, and Jiangsu "Publicly-Satisfactory Medical and Health Organization". The hospital covers a population of more than 8,000,000 with 2,610 authorized beds, and it covers a building area of more than 148,000m2, with a total asset of 2.3 billion yuan. And the total amount of annual diagnosis and treatment exceeds more than 1,250,000 and the number of discharged patients is about 70,000.

Now it is staffed with 2,544 employees, including 2,306 health workers, 460 with senior professional titles and 706 with intermediate titles, of whom there are 23 specialists enjoying special allowance from governments at all levels (10 specialists enjoy special allowance from the State Council), 1 leading medical talent of "Invigorating Health through Science and Education", 1 key medical talent of "Invigorating Health through Science and Education", 4 middle and young-aged specialists with prominent contributions, 20 training talents of "333 Project", 12 subsidized talents of "Top-6 Talent Summit", 1 national excellent traditional-Chinese clinic talent, 147 training talents of "521 Project", 125 doctors, 503 masters.

The hospital has established 57 clinical and medical laboratories, 55 inpatient areas, 11 medical centers, 5 city-level research institutions and laboratories, and 5 city-level special disease diagnosis and treatment centers, which includes 1 medical innovation team of "Project of invigorating health through science and education" (Neurosurgery), 11 Jiangsu provincial key clinical specialties (Neurosurgery, neurology, medical imaging, emergency medicine, medicine examination,  radiotherapy, pediatrics, anesthesiology, pathology, cardiology and respiratory medicine), 16 city-level key medical specialties, and 46 city-level key clinical specialties; in addition, 68 specialty clinics, 25 specialized disease clinics and 3 specialized nursing clinics are set up. Central lab, biological sample bank, oncology laboratory and neurosciences institute are built and put into operation. Meanwhile, by relying on superior resources of a comprehensive hospital, it vigorously promotes construction of specialized hospital, namely the Municipal Stomatology Hospital, the Municipal Children's Hospital and the Municipal Brain Hospital. The hospital is rated as the National Work Demonstration Unit of Traditional Chinese Medicine of General Hospital and the First Batch of Jiangsu Construction Unit of Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of General (Specialty) Hospital Demonstration. The clinical laboratory has passed ISO15189 assessment certificate of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment.

The hospital has successively introduced a large batch of high-end medical facilities including Siemens dual-source CT, 3.0T nuclear magnetic resonance, 64-tier 128-layer helical CT, large slab DSA, SPECT, full-digitalization high-energy linac, Varian linear accelerator, electron stain gastroscopy, ultrasound gastroscope, arthroscopy and thoracoscope, etc., which facilitates the development of medical technology level. Currently, the total value of the equipment reaches 0.67 billion yuan. 

In recent years, closely aiming at the frontier of technological innovation, the hospital has successively carried out comprehensive cooperation with domestic and overseas famous medical and academic institutions including American MD Anderson Cancer Center, Korean Affiliated Medical Home of Pusan National University, Japanese Saga County Hospital, Affiliated Wan Fang Hospital of Taipei Medical University, Israel Senior Experts Organization (MATAT), Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, Fuwai Heart Hospital & Cardiovascular Institute, Jiangsu People's Hospital, Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University, Jiangsu Cancer Hospital, and Affiliated Children's Hospital of Fudan University, etc. and successfully held 2 Hospital Technology Innovation and Development Academician Forums and the first session of Cross-Strait Academic Exchanges Forum. In recent 5 years, the hospital has won 277research projects including 10 National Natural Science Fund Projects, 1 National Scientific Research Project of National Health and Family Planning Commission, 6 Provincial Natural Science Fund Projects, 15 Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission Projects, 2 Society-Development Technology Special Projects, 64 Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission Projects and 32 Science and Technology Projects of Municipal Technology Bureau; it has also won 15 Second Prizes of Provincial New Medical Technology Import of Ministry of Health, 87 New Medical Technology Imports Awards and 42 Municipal Technical Progress Awards. Besides, it has published 1720 papers, including 60 SCI papers.

In recent years, the hospital has persisted in its nonprofit nature, taken action in carrying out "Three Good, One Satisfaction" activity, to further improve medical service act plan and taken "Yi Lin Cup" hundred-day high-quality service competition activity as the carrier to actively advocate people-oriented service, vigorously implementing multiform appointment and treatment service, and fully promoting flexible shift arrangement of clinical examination and peak-staggering and day-parting treatment, deeply carrying out volunteer service activity, deepen high-quality nursing service concept, taking a series of new measures of "convenience, favorable and benefit" including providing breakfast for the patients who are accepting fasting blood drawing, imaging and ultrasonic testing for free, promoting the application of bar codes technique, equipping with self-service enquiry, print, pay-in and scheduling systems, carrying out 100% telephone follow-up mechanism within 1 week for discharged patients and building the third-party evaluation mechanism of medical service and other, etc., so as to assure patients with high-quality service, to satisfy patients with first-class service and to comfort patients with beautiful environment. The First People's Hospital of Lianyungang is trying to offer a safe, efficient, convenient and inexpensive medical service, and build a hospital that the masses can widely accept, can trust, can receive treatment, can gain a treatment with reasonable prices, can be cured and can seek convenient medical attention.

For a long time, persisting in the hospital culture construction concept of "Putting people first, influencing people with culture", through editing and publishing "Medical Exhibition Center", setting up Hospital Lecture Hall, Administration Lecture Hall, Morality Lecture Hall and Culture Lecture Hall, reconstructing hospital history showroom and Liu Yilin and Cao Huadi Life Story Show Room, updating and upgrading hospital website, collecting department training of department, interpreting hospital spirit, appraising and electing advanced department of culture construction, opening mobile phone newspaper of party members, carrying out great discussion of professional spirit of medical health, the hospital has striven to educate core value of hospital, deliver positive energy and enhance the rally power.

In 2012, in accordance with the plan and deployment of municipal party committee and municipal government, according to the principle "Integrated management, differential positioning, harmonious development",  New Xinhai District Hospital of Municipal First People's Hospital decided to be built in new Xinhai District of the city and the project has been confirmed "Top 10 Livelihood Projects" of the whole city. Covering an area of 300 mu, Xinhai Hospital has 2,000 planned beds and a construction area of 295,000m2. The main body of the project has been completed and put into operation on 28th December, 2016. On 31st July, this new hospital was completed and went into service partially.

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