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Nantong Clinical Medicine School of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Established in 1962, Nantong Clinical Medicine School of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine has developed into a general hospital with distinct specialty features and integration of medicine, teaching and research from the original Nantong Hospital for Infectious Diseases. It is a Grade Ⅲ Level A hospital honored by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Health. In addition, it’s also Nantong Third People’s Hospital Affiliated to Nantong University, Nantong Clinical Medicine School of integrated Chinese and Western Medicine of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Nantong Geriatric Hospital and Subsidiary Nantong Liver Disease Research Institute.

The hospital, covering an area of 5,152,866 m2 and taking up building area of nearly 80 thousand square meters, possesses 1,200 open beds. What’s more, it is staffed with more than 1,200 employees and has established 2 outpatient departments, 43 clinical sections, 1 community health service center and 4 community health stations (services). It is equipped with nearly 1,000 advanced medical equipment including magnetic resonance, spiral CT, Elekta linear accelerator, large flat DSA, DR, CR, color Doppler, Japanese artificial liver support system, German Fresenius hemodialysis system, OLYMPUS, Fuji series electronic endoscope, digital gastrointestinal machine X, laparoscope and so forth. It is the “Garden workplace” of Nantong City for its comfortable environment.

The hospital initiates the practice of “No Kickback” honored by the government for the first time at home and has kept it for as long as 20 years, standing the test of over 5.5 million patients. In 2007, it took the lead in creating “Bethune-style hospital “in China, making remarkable achievements and becoming one banner of national professional ethics construction. Meanwhile, it’s the first one in China to put forward and successfully practice construction innovation theory of special hospital of “Emphasis on specialty and coordinated development of comprehensive discipline”. It becomes a general hospital with complete disciplines and strong technical force and leaps into the vanguard of national hospitals of the same class by vigorously developing comprehensive discipline at the same time when promoting specialty features. Now it has 19 provincial and municipal key disciplines including hepatology department, department of gastroenterology and so forth. What’s more, its medical technology such as liver transplantation operation, diagnosis and treatment of difficult and severe liver disease, medical treatment of sudden infectious disease like SARS, H1N1 flu and so on, heart surgery, serial therapy of digestive endoscopy, TUVP of prostate and so forth has already been at advanced level in Jiangsu Province and even in China. The hospital has been awarded several national honors including “National Civilized Unit”, “Top Ten Unit of Professional Ethics Construction of National Staff”, “National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization”, “National May 1st Labor Certificate”, “Advanced Group of National Health System”, “Advanced Group of National Medical Ethics Construction”, “Advanced Unit of Ideological and Political Work of National Health System” and so forth.

Add: No. 99 Middle Qingnian Road, Nantong
Tel: 0513-85116000

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