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Jiangsu Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
In the medical resources map of Jiangsu province, Jiangsu Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Jiangsu Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, also named the Third Clinical Medicine School of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, are like shining pearls inlaid in the northeast of Nanjing. After more than half a century of development, the hospital has always been adhering to the overall situation of developing the research and services for public benefit and strengthen the connotation construction. Under the development strategy of “Attach equal importance to TCM and Western medicine, cure and medicine, and collaboratively develop medicine, education and medical research”, modern TCM scientific research and clinic of the hospital are exuberant, flourishing and full of vitality.

The hospital was founded in 1956, and the first dean was professor Ye Juquan,the famous TCM expert and academician. In June 2013, it became the first local branch of the Chinese Academy of Science. It is a provincial public research institution specializing in TCM research, a Grade Ⅲ Level A comprehensive hospital of integrated Chinese and Western medicine, the Third Clinical Medical School of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, the national key hospital of integrated TCM and Western medicine, and it is also the national drug clinical trial institution and the national standardized training base of resident doctors. In 2011-2012, it was named Jiangsu Provincial Role Model in ethical and cultural progress, and had passed ISO9001 and ISO15189 quality management system certification. Since its establishment, the hospital has achieved remarkable success under the strategy of innovating from its inherited traditions and developing with innovation. It has created a group of new Chinese medicine which had a great influence on the whole country, such as Mailuoning injection-the first Chinese medicine injection inland, Yueyueshu--a gynecological medicine, Rukangshu capsules for mastopathy.

Dedicated to scientific and technological innovation, focus on the construction of scientific research platform and making the research transformed to medicine. Through years of construction and development, the hospital is equipped with a complete research system, advanced facilities, strong research capabilities of TCM research platform, including key laboratory of TCM oral drug delivery system of State Administration of TCM, key laboratory of gall disease syndrome of State Administration of TCM, Jiangsu modern TCM preparation engineering technology research center, provincial natural medicine research and development laboratory, national patent industrialization Jiangsu TCM experimental base, cell and molecular biology laboratory and so on. Supported by scientific and technological innovation, the hospital has achieved remarkable results: in past 5 years, it has won 273 bidding of scientific research projects, 18 Science and Technology Progress Awards at bureau-level or above and 67 invention patents, obtained 2 clinical instructions, preparation registration documents, and published 1,855papers, in which SCI recorded 365 sheets and the highest single impact factor of 36.5 and it was contained in Nature Materials. The hospital presided 863 projects --“The key technology and product development of the preparation of the homologous functional factor in clinical nutrition pharmacy”. The new strategy for development of anti-tumor in cooperation with the University of Leuven in Belgium will definitely bring the gospel to the treatment of cancer. Sulfur fumigation inspection of Chinese herbal medicine, toxic medicinal animal for analgesia, tumor and autoimmune disease treatment and other practical scientific research are playing a great role in the clinic, teaching and research. It actively carries out the clinical experience and inheritance and innovation of academic theory of famous veteran doctors of TCM. Relying on 5 state-level and provincial-level famous studios of veteran Chinese medicine doctors, the hospital has studied and sorted out the old prescription of TCM, and actively promoted the research and development of hospital medicament.

 Enhance the internal strength, and create the discipline advantage of Integrated TCM and Western medicine. The hospital has long been focused on quality management and content improvement. Through ISO9001 and ISO15189 quality system certification, it effectively promotes the continuous improvement of the quality of medical and scientific research. At present, the hospital has 830 beds, 16 first-class specialties and 32 second-class specialties. It has 4 national level key specialties including department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Gastroenterology, Angiocarpy and DCCM; 12 Jiangsu provincial-level key specialties including Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pneumology department, Oncology department, Endocrinology department, General Surgery department, Pediatrics, department of Nephrology, Geriatrics, Neurology, etc. The hospital now is equipped with 3.0T nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI), digital subtraction angiography (DSA), 64 slice computed tomography (CT), minimal invasive spinal surgery navigation system, the integration of the operation room and other international and domestic leading medical equipment. Spinal minimally invasive technology combined with TCM treatment, thyroid disease comprehensive diagnosis and treatment and gallbladder preservation technology are in the leading position in the province and China. Under the background of medical reform, it actively promotes the new diagnosis and treatment model. The diabetes integrated diagnosis and treatment platform construction of TCM and Western medicine of State Administration of TCM and the optimizing of diagnosis and treatment flow have improved to enhance the patients’ experiences. The close cooperation with the grassroots medical institutions has promoted tiered medical services and two-way referral which reflects the public welfare of public hospitals.

Insisting on medical quality and good service, sticking to the goal to satisfy patients, the hospital takes the people-oriented service through the whole process of medical activities. By promoting high quality nursing service and carries out TCM nursing, a number of departments have been awarded the quality care advanced wards of State Administration of TCM and the Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and the TCM characteristics nursing excellence departments.

Strengthen the hospital through talents and put forth efforts to build a reasonable structure of the talent team.  Regarding the introduction and cultivation of talent as the cornerstone of its development and expansion, the hospital has preserved and established a dynamic and potential TCM talent development echelon. At present, the hospital is staffed with more than 1,300 employees, including over 300 professors, associate professors, doctors of senior professional post and researchers, one Jiangsu provincial TCM famous doctor, 26 nationwide and provincial TCM doctors and provincial famous TCM and Western medicine doctors, and 47 doctoral and postgraduate tutors, 12 experts enjoying the special allowance from the State Council and the provincial government. It has set up 4 national, 3 provincial famous veteran TCM doctor studios, and more than 40 provincial “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” talents, provincial “333 Project” and “Six Talent Peaks” talents. It has won the “National May 1st Labor Medal”, the “National Medical Ethics Pacesetter”, the “National Women's Post Star”, provincial “Diligence Model”, provincial and municipal “My Favorite Health Guardian”, “Ten Health Guards” and other models. It was also named the national and provincial “Youth Civilization Award”, provincial and municipal “Women's Demonstration Post”, provincial “Style Building Advanced Unit” and a number of other advanced collective awards.

Under the new situation, the hospital will use the opportunity of the TCM development, set up a new comprehensive health concept of whole life cycle, and play a leading role in the prevention of disease, synergistic effect in treatment and the central role in rehabilitation. The transformation medicine building under construction now is the province's major livelihood project, and it will lay a solid foundation for the hospital to give full play to its advantage of integrated TCM and Western medicine, to promote the transformation of TCM application to the clinic, and construction of healthy Jiangsu and healthy China.

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