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Kunshan TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Kunshan TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine is a large-scale modernized and comprehensive Grade Ⅲ Level B hospital which combines traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicine.

The hospital covers an area of 40 mu and its total area of construction is 86,884 square meters. The hospital is staffed with 1141 employees among whom there are 1125 health technical personnel, 287 with deputy and senior professional titles, one winner of the National May 1st Labor Medal, one obtaining the special allowance of State Council. The hospital has set 19 clinical first-level departments and 13 auxiliary medical technical departments, having the capacity of receiving 1.895 million outpatient and emergency visits in 2017. The comprehensive indexes of all kinds are in the lead among the TCM hospitals of same level.

The hospital is the center of Kunshan TCM clinic, scientific research and teaching and it has 36 specialties including one national key specialty, namely spleen stomach live and gall; 4 provincial specialty, namely gynaecology, traumatology, emergency, and oncology; two Suzhou key specialties (special disease), namely pulmonary, cardiovascular and rehabilitation department. The hospital has developed 102 types of self-made drugs and 14 kinds of preparations. 

Facing the future, the hospital will continue to deepen the reform of public hospital, center on clinics, teaching, and researching, focus on TCM and spare no effort to fund Grade Ⅲ Level A hospital. The hospital will actively explore the development of TCM with Kunshan characteristics and establish the modern hospital with features of “taking TCM as the foundation, supported by modern medicine, attaching equally importance to Chinese medicine and western medicine” and forge ahead for the realization of people’s better life. 

Tel: 0512-57310000
Fax: 0512-57303370
Add: No. 189, Chaoyang Road, Kunshan city
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ADD:138 Xianlin Rd,Nanjing 210023,P.R.C Tel:(+86)25-85811079 Fax:(+86)25-85811078
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