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Jiangyin TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Located in the bustling downtown with a history of more than 60 years, Jiangyin TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine is a state-owned Grade A Level II comprehensive hospital of TCM and it also belongs to the first batch of national demonstration TCM hospital and it is the “network hospital of international emergency rescue center of Ministry of Health”, “foreign related hospital” and “baby friendly hospital”. 

The hospital covers 17.5 mu with 46 thousand square meters in construction area. The hospital has opened 628 beds, and is staffed with 1000 employees, of whom there are over 20“Jiangsu famous TCM doctors”, “Wuxi famous TCM doctors” and “Jiangyin famous TCM doctors”, and 400 with intermediate and senior professional title. It has established 22 clinical first level departments and 11 medical technical departments with the capacity of receiving over 800 thousand outpatient visits yearly. 

Built and put into use in 2004, the modernized inpatient building with 32,000 square meters of floor area and 20 floors wards, and it possesses the ICU and CCU patient rooms and senior wards which are equipped with advanced instruments, blood purification center, laminar flow operation room and the hospital is equipped with top ranking instruments of central oxygen supply and central attraction and it is a modernized building with new decoration, complete functions and clear district division and reasonable arrangement.

The construction area of the new outpatient building is about 7,300 square meters. The building’s completion and putting into service improve the medical treatment environment. It optimizes the service flow and adjusts the layout of hospital and integrates the existed resources and satisfies the daily increased health medical treatment requirements of the people in the whole city. 

In order to further improve the diagnosis level and speed up the modernization of the hospital, the hospital uses advanced equipment to arm itself positively. At present, it owns a large batch of advanced equipment such as Siemens 16 lines spiral CT, nuclear magnetic resonance, DR, Siemens digital subtraction angiography (DSA). CR of AGFA brand, Hitachi full automatic biochemical instrument, blood corpuscle, Holland Philip color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, STORZ laparoscope, resectoscope, ureteroscope, hysteroscope, Olympus electronic gastrointestinal endoscope, duodenal endoscopy, electronic bronchoscope, electronic laryngoscope, Meigaoyi ambulatory electrocardiogram, multi-function respirator from the US, anesthesia machine, and shock wave stone-crusher, etc., which provides powerful guarantee  for the efficiency and accuracy of the clinical diagnosis and treatment. 

The hospital puts medicine, teaching and research as integrity, with western medicine having its strength, and TCM has its characteristics, and the combination of western medicine and TCM have unique advantages. The dermatology department is national specialties construction unit of TCM and it is also the provincial demonstration specialty construction unit of TCM, and the pediatrics department of TCM and western medicine combination is the key specialty construction unit of TCM in Jiangsu Province, and the gastrointestinal diseases specialty and infertility are the key specialties and special diseases in Wuxi city, and the acupuncture and moxibustion and needle specialty is the key specialty construction unit in Wuxi city, and the medicine department, the surgical department, the obstetrical department, the anorectal department, orthopedics and traumatology department, the department of facial features and the plastic surgery department have strong technical powers. The aural department, cardio thoracic surgery department and the treatment of liver and gall diseases have bigger influences in the around districts. As the “faucet” of the work of combination of TCM and western medicine in the whole city, the hospital develops new technical projects with the Zhongshan Hospital, Ruijin Hospital, Changhai Hospital, Red House Hospital, Union Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Science and large hospitals in Nanjing and Suzhou and scientific research institutions of technical cooperation. The hospital carries out high difficult operations such as pancreas duodenum resection operation, laparoscopic colon cancer, radical resection of rectal carcinoma, single nostril resection of pituitary tumor and acoustic neurinoma resection, high cervical anterior and posterior open surgery, and the medicine department system carries out advanced operations such as the DSA heart intervention operation, congenital heart disease, endoscopic treatment of biliary pancreatitis (ERCP), percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage (PTCD), etc. The number of inpatients is about 30 thousand every year and the number of normal operations carried out is 6,000 cases.

The hospital follows the principle of “rejuvenating the hospital through sciences and technologies” and it attaches great importance to the scientific researches and teaching work. The hospital runs school jointly with the domestic and foreign colleges and universities in recent years and it takes the responsibility of scientific research and teaching. The hospital passed the assessment and formally became the Jiangyin Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in Jun. 2007. The hospital is also the training base of Masters of Anhui University of Chinese Medicine at the same time, and it is also the teaching hospital of special universities such as the Yangzhou University School of Medicine, Canada Vancouver International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Morinomiya University of Medical Sciences and it is also the teaching base of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At the same time, the hospital endeavors to enhance its research power of science and technology though continuously perfecting the science research management regulation and appraisal systems. The hospital has striking achievements in scientific research, talents cultivation, discipline construction and cooperation and exchange both at home and abroad. The hospital as over 20 research projects at municipal or provincial level and over ten papers are included by SCI. The treatment effects of ten kinds of specialty preparations such as “urea cream”, “BaoErNing Oral Liquid”, “acne granule” and “Shen Ling BaiShu Granule” which have long enjoyed good reputation. 

The new hospital, which will be soon constructed, covers an area of 130 mu, with 1200 beds. The new hospital will push forward the development of Jiangyin TCM hospital greatly and further enhance the whole medical level and service ability. All the staff of the hospital are working hard and uphold the spirit of “inheritage, innovation, great virtue, dedication” and make great contribution to the development of the hospital. 

Tel: 0510-86700000
Add: No. 130, Renmin Central Road, Jiangyin city, Jiangsu Province 
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