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Bayi Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Located in Nanjing, the ancient capital of six dynasties, the Bayi Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, originally established in Tancheng of Shandong Province in Jan. 1947, later becomes a comprehensive hospital integrating medical care, teaching, research, prevention and health care. It was rated as a Grade A Level III hospital and national baby-friendly hospital in 1996.

By sticking to the management principle of people-oriented, adhering to the development strategy of “rejuvenating the hospital through science and technologies and strengthening the hospital through talents”, positively adopting the modern and scientific management methods, continuously optimizing the management of comprehensive target quality and vigorously pushing forward the information construction, the hospital has improved the overall management level.

The hospital has established outpatient department, internal medical department building, surgical department building and the liver disease building covering about 20 thousand square meters with 1,200 beds and 44 clinics and medical technology departments, and preponderant disciplines including the tumor center of the people’s liberation army, liver disease center of the people’s liberation army, the sound childbearing technology center of family planning in the Nanjing military district, liver implantation center, snoring treatment center, ultrasound interventional diagnostic center, etc. It has also set up about 10 key departments of hospital level such as minimally invasive surgery department center, children asthma center, etc. As a home to around 100 senior experts, the hospital processes the strong technology strength.

The hospital has advanced inspection and treatment equipment worth more than 300 million yuan, including PET-CT, multi-level spiral CT, ECT, nuclear magnetic resonance, DSA, linear accelerator, helical tomotherapy, gamma knife, photon knife, TTM, four-dimensional color B mode ultrasonography, full automatic biochemical analyzer, blood cell technical instrument, hemodialysis instrument, blood filter, artificial liver treatment instrument, multi-electrode radio frequency therapeutic instrument, excimer laser therapeutic instrument, advanced ICU and CCU monitoring equipment and etc., which provide good conditions for the clinical treatment, teaching and scientific research.

The tumor center of the people’s liberation army puts the early diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of lung and digestive tract tumors as its main direction of progress, and the dual phase stereotaxic instrument of early diagnosis of lung cancer won the national invention patent and the second prize of military scientific and technical progress award, and the successful rate ofone-time puncturefor the microcarcinoma of 1 cm in the lung can reach more than 90%, which is at the international leading level. It has made remarkable achievements in the aspects of the diagnosis and the surgical treatment of diseases including gastrointestinal tumors, hepatobiliary pancreatic tumor, breast tumor and thyroid tumor, etc.The long-term survival rate and the survival rate with tumors of patients take lead in China. The hospital adopts the chemotherapy, molecular targeted therapy, biotherapy, TCM treatment and microwave heat therapy with the combination of operation and radiotherapy to carry out planned and standardized and comprehensive treatment of all kinds of advanced tumors, especially that the hospital individually adopts the bone absorption inhibitor, internal radiation and the specific preparations of China to cure about 1,500 cases of metastatic carcinoma of bone having significant curative effect. It adopts the FOLFOX schemechemo therapy together with the arsenic trioxide to cure the advanced liver cancer and improves the living quality of patients and prolongs the survival period. It also cooperates with the international anti-cancer organizations and carries out 62 items of international multicenter clinical researches of anti-tumors medicines aiming at the lung cancer, intestinal cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, etc., and 34 domestic multi-center clinical researches. The radiotherapy department carries out photon knife therapy early in domestic and it also uses the newly brought in CT- simulation positioning and treatment plan system to carry out advanced three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy which gets good clinical treatment effects of tumors. The liver disease center of the people’s liberation army researched and invented the new type of drug called "hepatocyte growth-promoting factor" which won the national innovation patent and golden prize and second prize of scientific and technical progress of the PLA. It applies comprehensive treatment such as the injected hepatocyte growth promoting factor, artificial liver support system to cure the severe viral hepatitis which has significant curative effect and the survival rate of the treatment rises from 30% to 69.2%, reaching the international leading level. It has cured 406 cases of acute and chronic and severe liver diseases by adopting the artificial liver support system, and it has obvious decrease function of the serum bilirubin of the patients who have severe hepatitis and autoimmune hepatitis with hyperbilirubinemia, and the activity degree of prothrombin has been improved greatly, which has certain decrease effect on ALP and GGT and it also has certain improvement effects on the renal function. The sound child bearing technology center of family planning of military district has obvious advantages in the aspects of perinatal care, intrahepatic cholestasis treatment during pregnant period, gynecologic cancer surgery and radiotherapy, etc. It has achieved outstanding effects in the aspects of adopting the specific desensitization therapy and immunotherapy for the treatment of refractory asthma and TCM to treat the climacteric syndrome and irregular menstruation and the Y/AG laser to cure infantile hemangioma, etc.

The hospital has set up the liver implantation center, minimally invasive surgical department center, lung cancer diagnosis center, snoring center and children asthma center, and the hospital carries out new technology and new projects vigorously of which there are more than 200 cases of operational clinical liver implantation being completed in or out of the hospital, 1 case of combined liver and kidney transplantation and10 cases of emergency liver transplantation and 10 cases of living related liver transplantation(including two adult-adult right liver transplantations), and the success rate of operation is100%. The one-year survival rate of benign liver transplantation can reach more than 95%, and the three-year survival rate can reach more than 80%, which is a domestically leading level, and the hospital has already become the major liver transplantation leader in the Eastern China region and it is also one of the centers obtaining the qualification permission for liver transplantation certified by the Ministry of Health in the first batch. In addition to carrying out more than 4,000 cases of therapeutic laparoscopy safely, it also carries out minimally invasive surgeries of liver, colon, small intestine, rectum and thyroid, especially is that the minimally invasive surgeries of thyroid only cause minor traumas with quick recovery and the effect of beauty therapy, which makes it very popular among patients. The hospital built the earliest and biggest E.N.T. department website and snoring center website in 1999, and it adopts the low temperature plasma technology, snore guard, respiratory machine to cure all kinds of snoring patients in more than 2,000 cases and the effects are satisfactory and reaches the domestic leading level. The children asthma center carries out allergen detection (swift pricking blood therapy, external allergen detection) and looks for the anaphylactogen of bronchial asthma (including the allergic cough), allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, hay fever and all kinds of skin allergy, and it also carries out comprehensive treatment and specific desensitization immunotherapy according to the GINA scheme designated by the international asthma organization which has got relatively good effects. The hospital also carries out the video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery+argon-helium cryoablation in treating the thymus cancer, cardiac valve replacement+radical treatment of right lower lung tumor, and giant tracheal tumor resection+carina reconstruction at the same time, and there is still no report of the combined heart and lung surgery in domestic among them.

The hospital now takes the teaching tasks and the training tasks of Masters and Doctors of more than 10 universities including Nanjing Medical University, Nanjing University of TCM, Anhui Medical University and Jiangsu University, etc. It is also the postdoctoral research station in the Nanjing military district and the clinical trials institution of national drugs. It won 1 second prize of national scientific and technical progress award, 1 third prize of national scientific and technical progress award, 2 national innovation award, 1 first prize of army scientific and technical progress and 25 second prizes of army and provincial level. 

The construction and development of Bayi Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine have new breakthroughs in recent years under the care of all social circles and the hospital has been rated as the advanced hospital of whole army and military district and won the group third-class merits. It won the industry recognition of nation, army, province and city for several times and it also won the title of AAA level honesty medical insurance hospital of Jiangsu Province and Nanjing. 

Sixty years ago, the hospital was established in Tancheng of Shandong Province in Jan. 1947 and the Bayi Hospital first named as the affiliated hospital of health department of east China field army was merged by three medical teams and one operation room of health department of Second Army division of central China military region of the New Fourth Army , relying on a few pieces of old medical instruments and the most ordinary and limited drugs, on the basis of warm hearts, cavity blood and tenderness, it transported to Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui, Shanghai and the Jinmeng mountain district along with the combat troops and participated the Menglianggu battle, Yudongbattke, Huaihai battle, Dujiang battle and Shanghai battle, etc., saving hundreds of thousands of wounded personnel so as to guarantee the fighting capacity of armies. It made immortal contributions for each success of battle.

The name of hospital was changed as the affiliated hospital of health department of logistics department of Third Field Army of east China military region in Mar. 1949. It moved to the present site (it was the central hospital of Wangbogus government in 1941, and it was the general hospital of joint armed forces of the Nationalist Party in 1945 after the victory of war of resistance against foreign aggression) in Apr. 1950, and it canceled the team division system of the original field hospital and built the departments division hospital on the basis of department establishment setting 500 beds and the name was changed as the affiliated hospital of health department of logistics department of east China military region. It was renamed as Bayi Hospital of Chinese People's Liberation Army in 18th of Mar. 1954. 

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