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Xuzhou TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Founded in 1956, Xuzhou TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine is a Grade A Level III national hospital which integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care, recovery and community hygiene service, and it also belongs to the first batch of basically modernized TCM hospital in Jiangsu Province, and it is also the affiliated hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and the practice base of the colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province.

The hospital is staffed with1209 employees of whom there are 369senior and middle professional technical personnel, 13 famous doctors of national.  It has established 26clinical departments, 15 medical technology departments and 80 outpatient sections of special department and specialized disease outpatient departments. With 23 inpatient areas and 1,200 beds in the inpatient department, the number of inpatients yearly is more than 30 thousand and the annual outpatient cases is 900 thousand . The occupied area of the hospital is 24,000 square meters and the construction area is 46,000 square meters. The hospital owns one national TCM clinical key construction department: the cardiovascular internal medical department, one national TCM clinical key specialty collaborative discipline: the proctology department, two provincial TCM key demonstration specialties: the cardiovascular internal medical department and the proctology department, four provincial TCM clinical key specialties: the proctology department, the encephalopathy center (department of acupuncture and moxibustion), the cardiovascular internal medical department and the skin department, eight municipal key specialties: the cardiovascular department, proctology department, department of acupuncture and moxibustion, dermatological department, nephrology department, gastroenterology department, respiratory department, and department of renal diseases.

The proctology department takes the leadership in the province in the treatment of diseases such as rectal tumor, annular mixed hemorrhoid, high complex anal fistula, prolapsed of rectal mucosa, etc. The encephalopathy center has formed distinctive advantages in the aspects of curing cerebral palsy, hemiplegic and language barrier, etc. By attaching great importance to the combination of TCM and western medicine, the cardiovascular internal medical department has already developed new technologies including the transesophageal atrial pacing, implantation of temporary and permanent pacemaker, coronary angiography, per-coetaneous balloon mitral valvuloplasty, PTCA + stent and radiofrequency ablation and congenital occlusion, etc. With advanced equipment, the skin department not only has modern treatment methods of Alma laser 1 # laser photon workstation, microwave and freezing, etc. but also has treatment which has TCM characteristics such as magic lamp, plum-blossom needle, medicine cold spray and TCM film, etc. 

As the pillar department of hospital, the internal medicine system has sets specialties including pneumology department, gastroenterology department, nephropathy department, diabetes department, tumor department and hepatic department, etc., among which the gastroenterology department and nephropathy department are the key municipal TCM clinical specialties. The gastroenterology department has developed the liver biopsy, hepatic cyst puncture, endoscopic electro coagulation and microwave therapy. The nephropathy department and endocrinology department have reached the leading level in the aspects of diagnosing, treating and preventing the endocrine system disease, diabetes and its complications, thyroid disease, gout, wind-damp disease and kidney disease through the combination of TCM and western medicine within the Huaihai Economic Zone. 

The surgical department of the hospital develops vigorously especially that the treatment level of the department of general surgery, department of cerebral surgery, department of tumor surgery, department of urinary surgery, department of minimally invasive surgery, and department of cardiac surgery have took the leading position within the Huaihai economic zone. The Xuzhou treatment center of department of minimally invasive surgery applies laparoscope to carry out all kinds of minimally invasive treating operations and improves its popularity and influences. The orthopedics and traumatology department arises rapidly in recent years and has carries out electro photo luminescence selective posterior root amputation to cure the cerebral palsy and removal of giant cell tumor of the thoracic spine and artificial vertebral body replacement operations, etc. 

The gynecology and obstetrics department is the specialty of the hospital which broadly carries out all kinds of operations, hysteroscopy, laparoscope and intervention therapy of minimally invasive technology. The infertility specialty innovates continuously in the clinical treatment and it achieves higher pregnancy rate by adopting the combination of TCM and western medicine to cure the infertility.

The massage department is one of the windows of foreign communication of the hospital, which is welcomed by patients in the aspects of curing pain in waist and lower extremities and scapulohumeralperiarthritis, etc. The specialties in the hospital such as eye department, ear-nose-throat department, skin department, pediatrics department all have their own properties and advantages. They fully adopt the method of combining TCM and western medicine and get good clinical effects.

The major large equipment in the hospital includes: Hitachi nuclear magnetic resonance, 16 lines spiral CT, DSA (C type arm), Japan's SHIMADZU digital subtraction X machine, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, breast molybdenum target X machine, extra corporal shock wave lithotripter, German ozone therapeutic apparatus and German Bayer automatic biochemical analyzer, etc. The 300 types of self-made preparation such as tablet, electuary, bubble agent, capsule researched and developed by the hospital enjoy high reputation among patients. 

Tel: 0516-83902087, 0516-83902161
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Add: No. 169, Zhongshan South Road, Xuzhou city
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