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Nantong TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Nantong TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine is the “Grade III Level A Hospital of TCM” and the “National Demonstration Hospital of TCM”. It is also the affiliated hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and Nantong University. It has won the titles of “National Red-banner(Excellent)Institution”, “National Medical Advanced Group”, “Provincial Model Healthy Care Institution”, “Provincial and Municipal Role Model in Ethical and Cultural Progress”, “Provincial Anti-SARS Advanced Group”, “Nantong Best Institution in Serving Economic Construction”, “Municipal Top Ten Hospitals” and “No Kickback Hospital”. It is equipped with the Nantong Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute. 

Nantong TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine is complete in department setting, staffed with highly talented employees, well-equipped facilities and has notable features in its specialties. There are 24 clinical and medical detection departments of grade I, and 600 authorized beds, with 660 beds actually in service. There are 1040 employees on the payroll at present, of whom 172 are with senior titles. There are 2 national famous TCM doctors, 3 provincial famous TCM doctors, 12 municipal famous TCM doctors and 6 doctors obtaining the special allowances of the State Council. The specialty of snakebite is appraised as the national key specialty, and the departments of digestion, rheumatism, TCM gynecology all are provincial key specialties, while the departments of proctology, TCM pediatrics and Nephrology are among the municipal key specialties. 

The hospital is equipped with large-scale instruments and equipment including nuclear magnetic resonance, Spiral CT, DSA, extracorporeal circulation machine, digital X machine, C-arm X machine, digital X ray imaging system, automatic biochemical analyzer, color Doppler ultrasound, electronic gastro scope, holmium laser and excimer laser, etc. 

The hospital has won more than 60 awards for scientific research achievement since its establishment, among which the “Jidesheng anti venomous tablets”, “core pulling therapy in curing scrofula” and “new drug golden buckwheat” won the state-level awards.

In recent years, focusing on the goal that “TCM is just as excellent as Western medicine”, the hospital has been deepening the reform, strengthening the management leading the works of the whole hospital through management activities and keeping pace with times and engaging in development and innovation, and it takes the road of rejuvenating the hospital through science, talents, brands, service and quality, as a result of which it has achieved leaping development for fourtheen years consecutively at rate of  about 20% every year. Through grasping the four links of “quality, safety, services and expenses control” tightly and further enhancing the standardized, institutional, procedural and scientific construction of management, its management keeps climbing to news levels. The hospital held the “The First High-level Forum of National Famous TCM Experts Inheritance” successfully in June, 2005. More than 30 national famous TCM experts and around one thousand representatives gathered together to discuss the plan of inheriting and developing TCM, and the Deputy Minister of Health and the Director of The State Administration of TCM She Jing also attended the meeting in person, during which they also inspected the Nantong Hospital of TCM and fully praised the leaping development of the hospital in these years. 

The Nantong TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine is moving towards the goal of realizing preliminary modernization in the spirit of “inheritance, innovation, practical-mindedness and advancement”.

Tel:0513-85512494, 0513-85126053, 0513-85126072(consultation)
Add: No. 41, Jianshe Road, Chong Chuan District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province 
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