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Suzhou TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Founded in 1956, Suzhou TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine is a national demonstration hospital of TCM, Grade III Level A hospital of TCM, the affiliated hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in Suzhou, joint master graduation base of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and national pharmaceutical clinical base. Suzhou TCM Research Institute, Suzhou Association of TCM and Suzhou TCM Museum are set inside the hospital. With over fifty years of development, gathering together a mass of well-known doctors in Suzhou, it has become a general hospital of TCM well-known both at home and abroad integrating medicine, education and scientific research.  As the origin of Suzhou Medical School, Suzhou TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine has assembled Huang Yifeng, Chen Mingshan, Xi Fenglin, Jin Shaowen, You Huaiyu, Ding Huairen and other well-known senior TCM physicians and laid a foundation in business and academia after its establishment. And based on inheritance and development of traditional features of Suzhou Medical School, the hospital is in possession of national, provincial and municipal well-known TCM physicians and well-known physicians of TCM and Western medicine such as Ren Guangrong, Gong Zhengfeng, He Huanrong, Cai Jinggao, Chen Yiqun, Gu Dajun, and Fei Guojin. 

It is staffed with over 1200 employees. There are experts who were awarded special allowance of State Council, supervisors of nationally famous TCM expert academic experience inheritance work, Jiangsu provincial famous TCM doctor, Jiangsu provincial expert of integration of Chinese medicine and western medicine, target of Jiangsu provincial “333 project” cultivation, target of “national excellent TCM clinical talent research project” cultivation, target of Jiangsu TCM leading talent cultivation, targets of Suzhou health leading talent cultivation, and Master and Doctoral supervisors of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicne, Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine and An’hui University of Chinese Medicine. A large number of outstanding talents, replying on their exquisite skills, and noble ethics, carry down and develop the cultural characteristics and medical humanistic spirt of Wumen medical school, and set up its brand image.  

The hospital has department if internal medicine, surgical department, department of orthopedics and traumatology, anorectal department, gynaecology, department of reproductive medicine, paediatrics, department of acupuncture and moxibustion, dermatological department, E.N.T. department, ophthalmology, department of stomatology, prosthodontics, andriatrics, emergency department, ICU, 110/120 first-aid station, department of preventative treatment medicine, medical examination center, department of pharmacy, radiology department, pathology department. Currently, its orthopedics and traumatology department is a national TCM key clinical specialty; its TCM gynecology dedicated to infertility is approved by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People's Republic of China to be a national TCM key clinical specialty (dedicated) cooperation group unit; its gastroenterology department is listed as a national TCM key clinical specialty construction unit; its department of pneumology medicine is listed as a provincial TCM key clinical specialty construction unit; its anorectal department and department of acupuncture and moxibustion are municipal TCM key clinical specialties. 

The new Suzhou TCM Hospital is located at Youxin Viaduct in Canglang New Town and south of Wuzhong West Road, neighboring Xinguo Road on the west, Yangsu Road on the south and Wuzhong West Road on the north. It covers 38,792 m2 in floor space with a TCM botanic garden which is beautiful in environment, and convenient in traffic. Covering 900,000 m2 in area of structure in total, the new hospital has 805 beds and more than 1,590,000 outpatient and emergency visits. The hospital has advanced medical facilities. In supply of medical services of outpatient and emergency department and hospitalization, it is expected to meet medical demands of citizens in Suzhou downtown and its surrounding areas. And in all kinds of means of traditional natural therapy, it will supply specially tailored medical services predominated by traditional Chinese medicine to meet demands of citizens in different levels. It will enhance emergency and first-aid system construction and adapt to public demands in areas where it is located. It will build a teaching base of advanced facilities and conduct following clinical program education of all departments, master and doctoral candidate education, clinical internship education, continuing staff education, training on staff in further education, etc. It will further conduct national new drug first-phase clinical and second-phase clinical studies. It will be a modernized large general hospital of TCM with full range of departments, scientific management and top services and facilities. It will further improve its service, further inherit its featured advantage of Suzhou Medical School and supply better medical services to the patients. 

Tel: 0512-65222220 (Switchboard) 
Add: No.18 Yangsuo Road, Canglang New Town (Hospital South Gate), No.889 Wuzhong West Road (Hospital North Gate)

ADD:138 Xianlin Rd,Nanjing 210023,P.R.C Tel:(+86)25-85811079 Fax:(+86)25-85811078
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