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The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Approved by People's Government of Jiangsu Province, the hospital was established in December 1988. At present, it is located in the central Hexi Area, Nanjing. It is the only Grade III Level A public medical institution in this area. At present, it has become a provincial general medical institution integrating medical care, teaching and scientific research, an international teaching hospital in Jiangsu Province and a designated health insurance hospital in Nanjing City and Jiangsu Province.  

The hospital covers an area of 40,626 m2 and the total construction area is 50,812 m2. The hospital has 1,200 designed beds. In the end of 2016, the hospital was staffed with 652 employees, including 517 health technical personnel. It has 5 Jiangsu provincial “333 High-Level Talent”, 1 “Six Talent Summit”, 1 National Famous TCM Doctor, 1 Jiangsu Provincial Famous Doctor, 2 National Famous TCM Doctor Academic Experience Inheritor, 1 National TCM Characteristic Skills Inheritor, 2 National Excellent TCM Clinical Talent, 2 Specially-Appointed Professor of Jiangsu Province, 3 Jiangsu Provincial Excellent TCM Clinical Talent, 1 Jiangsu Provincial TCM Leading Talent, 3 Excellent Young and Middle-Aged Talent Brought into Talent Cultivation Plan of State Administration of TCM and Jiangsu Provincial Administration of TCM.  

The hospital has established a full range of clinical departments and has set 26 clinical departments, including internal department, surgical department, department of orthopedics and traumatology, department of gynaecology, department of paediatrics, department of acupuncture and moxibustion, and department of message. It also sets up department of pharmacy, clinical laboratory, imaging department, etc. the hospital has 1 Clinical Key Specialty approved by National Administration of TCM, 1 provincial key Discipline, 4 Provincial TCM Clinical Key Specialty. The hospital also sets inheriting working rooms for national and provincial famous TCM physicians, and Wang Canhui Inheriting Working Room and Li Yutang Inheriting Working Room are two of them.   

It now has over 100 hi-tech diagnosis and treatment appliances such as brand-new imported magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CT, imported color Doppler ultrasound (including 3D color Doppler ultrasound), imported DR, digital gastrointestinal machine, GE general electrocardiogram analysis system, GE electronic gastroscopy and colonoscopy, laparoscope, hysteroscopy, and imported in vitro lithotripter. 

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine will stick to the original purpose of establishing a patient-oriented hospital, always putting patients first and serving patients for their health”. It will constantly enhance its medical quality while insisting in building people-oriented service to constantly improve the service level. In order to develop and expand the characteristics of TCM rehabilitation, the hospital is endeavoring to establish national clinical base of TCM rehabilitation. By then, the hospital can provide better service of all-wave and total life circle of TCM clinics, rehabilitation, and health-preserving.  

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