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The Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine), located in Nanjing, which is an environmentally graceful and strategic ancient capital and also next to Xinjiekou, has enjoyed 60 years of glory. In October 1954, with the support of CPC and government, this cradle of Chinese medicine in People’s Republic of China was born, where the famous doctors from Yangtze and Huai River area, offspring of the imperial physicians and the successors of Meng He and Wu Men Medical Sects converged. The famous TCM specialist and a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ye Juquan was the first president of the hospital, whose letter of appointment was issued by Tan Zhenlin, the Chairman of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government at that time. Mr. Guo Moruo personally wrote the name of the hospital “Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine”. 

Over 60 years' hard work and glorious progress, the hospital has always stuck to Chinese medicine oriented integration with Chinese and western medicine. The academic level as well as the diagnosis and treatment level keep increasing. The outpatient amount ranked among the top within the whole province in 16 years in succession, the one in 2016 reaching 4.78 million. With national key specialties, it has solid discipline foundation and numerous medical talents including 5 Chinese medical masters, 4 national famous TCM physicians, 2 awardees of Bethune Medal, 2 awardees of Chinese Physician Prize, 37 experts enjoying government’s special allowance, 25 national famous senior TCM physicians, 6 excellent physicians from 1st Jiangsu Top 10 Physicians of TCM, 60 provincial renowned TCM physicians and experts in both Chinese and western medicine, 9 awardees of Lifelong Honorary Physicians in Jiangsu Province and 171 hospital-level renowned doctors. JPHTCM has been awarded "Provincial Demonstration Hospital of TCM in China", "Advanced Group in National Health System", "Top 100 Hospitals in China", "National Civilized Unit" and so on, kept the leading edge in TCM system nationwide and become a large-scale, comprehensive and A-level, Grade III hospital of TCM with nationwide reputation and rich cultural deposits. 

Our hospital offers 58 inpatient wards with 2,500 inpatient beds. Of over 3,000 staff members, the medical technicians take up 87.5%. There are 227 doctors, 687 masters, 77 doctoral supervisors, 189 master’s supervisors, 11 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding achievements, 62 key talents of provincial "333 Project", 2 key talents of Project "Invigorating Health Through Science and Technology" by Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, 13 leading experts of provincial Chinese medicine, 1 TCM clinic medical center, 90 talents of Provincial Six Talent Peak, 23 excellent TCM clinical talents and 67 nation-level employees who completed their course through apprenticing. Three overseas distinguished experts are successfully granted as provincial specially-invited medical experts. 553 persons own advanced professional title and 723 medium-grade one. 

Aiming at improving the medical quality and service level, JPHTCM brings the advantage of TCM into full play. JPHTCM has 45 clinical and medico-technical departments, including 6 national clinical key specialties (Pediatrics, Emergency, Gastropathy and Splenopathy, Otolaryngology, Nephrology and nursing); 14 key specialties of the State Administration of TCM (Nephrology, Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Emergency, Otolaryngology, Genecology, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Nursing, Rheumatology, Acupuncture and Rehabilitation, Critical Care Medicine); 1 key discipline of Ministry of Education (Pediatrics), 2 preponderant disciplines of Jiangsu-based universities (TCM, Integration of TCM and Western Medicine), 5 key disciplines of TCM in Jiangsu Province, 23 provincial key specialties, demonstration and development units and 5 key specialties programs of “12th Five-year Plan”. In 2016, JPHTCM became provincial development units for “Chest Pain Center” and “Treatment Center for Apoplexy”. It has opened up 44 special disease clinics and produces more than 140 kinds of hospital preparations out of over 20 formulations. With distinctive features of TMC, it has desirable therapeutic effect. 

As the main affiliated hospital of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, WHO Cooperation Center for TCM, National TCM Clinical Base, as well as the International Acupuncture Training Center, JPHTCM follows the principle of taking time to cultivate talents to pass down and innovate the academic advantage of TCM. It has 4 academic inheritance laboratories of TCM masters, 19 inheritance studios of national senior TCM experts, 18 inheritance studios of provincial senior TCM experts, 4 post-doctoral advisors in the first TCM apprenticing system, 67 national apprentices and 52 provincial ones. In 2015, it became one of the earliest reform base for TCM national "5+3" and 9-year education. JPHTCM values external exchanges and has developed academic cooperation with more than 30 counties including America, France, Australia and Germany. With 16 teaching and researching offices, 9 authorized doctoral degrees, 13 authorized master degrees and 2 postdoctoral research stations, it undertakes clinical teaching for more than 2800 students of all types each year. 

As the National TCM Clinical Base, JPHTCM has aimed at building a research-based hospital, upholding scientific and technological innovation and conducted clinical research with great efforts. In 2013, it was approved by provincial government as provincial clinical research institute of TCM. As one of the first "institutes to develop integrated diagnosis and treatment platform", all its seven platforms succeeded in passing the inspection by State Administration of TCM. Currently, JPHTCM has three Grade III national key laboratories (Lab for TCM Preparation, Clinical Pharmacology Lab and Lab for Molecular Biology), national drug clinical base and "Chinese Medicine CPC Center" of Ministry of Science and Technology, and the one of the first approved Hospital Ethics Committee. It founded the first tumor research center with integration of Chinese and western medicine, the first clinical research institute of cardiovascular diseases in Jiangsu Province, and the prevention and control base for lithiasis in East China. In 2013, with his TCM Innovative Theory of Female Reproductive Rhythm and its Clinical Application, Professor Xia Guicheng, the renowned Chinese TCM gynecologist was awarded the only first prize of TCM scientific and technological advancement in Jiangsu Province since 1949. In 2016, the key laboratory "High Blood Pressure Nourishing Yin and Suppressing the Excessing Yang" was approved after nation-level argumentation and became the first nation-level high blood pressure research oriented TCM laboratory. In the same year, Hospital Ethics Committee was approved by AAHRPP, marking that our hospital made new breakthrough in standardization of ethical examination and international construction. In 2014, Jiangsu Provincial TCM Clinical Research Center for Gastroenterology (of Provincial Department of Science and Technology) was successfully approved. In 2016, our Department of Genecology and Reproductive Medicine jointly declared a program and received funding in "TCM Clinical Research Center for Genecology" of Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission. This is a breakthrough for hospital in "Project of Invigorating Health Through Science and Technology". In 2017, Department of Nephrology was approved as Jiangsu Provincial medical key discipline (TCM Internal Medicine) jointly developed by the province and university in "Project of Invigorating Health Through Science and Technology". JPHTCM has 12 bases for training, advanced studies and further education named by National Health and Family Planning Commission and the State Administration of TCM. 

Not only does the hospital focuses on taking full advantage of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also places great emphasis on the use of modern medical achievements to keep up with the changing times and to meet patients’ needs. Large medical equipment include magnetic resonance, full-body spiral CT scanner, linear accelerator, full laser femtosecond, and high-end extracorporeal lithotripsy machine with a total value worth over 700 million RMB. With advanced medical facilities, and complete internal and external departments, simultaneously possessing both Chinese and Western treatments enhances the hospital’s comprehensive diagnosis capabilities. 

Facing a new start and new opportunities, the hospital will continue to uphold the value concept of "the benevolent cares", aimed at building a smart hospital, safe hospital, harmonious hospital, eco-hospital, and happy hospital. Adhere to connotation development, quality development, distinctive development path, promote talents to safeguard the hospital, science and technology oriented hospital, characteristic Hospital, and the development strategy to govern the hospital in accordance with the law. To further promote Traditional Chinese Medicine culture, and to make unremitting efforts to build a leading hospital in China that is modern and innovative comprehensive of Chinese medicine. 

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