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Gulou Clinical Medicine School of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Nanjing Gulou Hospital is also named as Gulou Clinical Medicine School of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Affiliated Gulou Hospital of Nanjing Medical University. It is a Grade Ⅲ Level A comprehensive hospital integrating medical service, medical teaching and scientific research. The hospital is developed from “Christ’s Hospital” that was founded by the American Christian church and built by William E. Macklin, a Canadian missionary in 1892. Macklin is the first director of this hospital. Because “Macklin” can be translated into “Malin” in Chinese, the hospital is also called “Malin Hospital” among the people.
Gulou Hospital had only 50 beds and several hundreds of staff when it was built. But now it has developed into a hospital equipped with 2,500 beds and staffed with 3,830 employees, of whom 3,395 are professional medical workers; more than 400 chief physicians and associate chief physicians, 180 professors and associate professors, 49 doctoral supervisor, 196 master supervisors, 42 extinguished experts obtaining special allowance of the State Council. In 2015, the hospital treated 3.1 million out-patients and emergency patients with 41,000 operations, and 86.000 patients were discharged from the hospital. Gulou Hospital has established a full range of departments with strong technique among which surgery is the National key disciplinary fields construction unit; orthopedics, obstetrics, gastroenterology, endocrinology, general surgery, rheumatism and immunology, oncology and nursing are national key clinical specialties; hepatic surgery and orthopedics are Jiangsu province Centers for clinical medicine; obstetrics, rheumatism and immunology, oncology, cardiothoracic surgery, metabolics and anesthesiology are Science and Education Project of key medical discipline of Jiangsu province. The hospital’s medicine science is at a higher level at home and abroad including correct spinal deformity, liver transplantation, stem cell all transplantation, reproductive medicine, kidney transplantation among relatives, endoscopic diagnosis and intervention techniques of digestive system disease and radiotherapy. General surgery department, obstetrical department, department of orthopedics, pneumology department, immunology department, anesthesiology department, urology department, department of hepatobiliary surgery, department of gastroenterology, endocrinology department, hematology department, department of cardiothoracic surgery, cardiovascular department, oncology department, department of burn and plastic surgery, laboratory department, neurology department, emergency department, department of critical care medicine, neurosurgery department, ear-nose-throat department, infections department, nephrology department, gerontology department, pharmacy department, pathology department and medical imaging department are key clinical specialties of Jiangsu province. Department of vascular surgery, department of nuclear medicine, department of pain treatment and traditional Chinese medicine department are key specialties in Nanjing city. Gulou Hospital was approved by Ministry of Personnel of the People's Republic of China to set up “Post-doctoral station for scientific research” in 2006. It is awarded with 2 doctoral degree programs of first grade clinical medicine, 16 doctoral degree programs of second grade subjects and 25 master degree programs. The hospital is approved as training base of specialists, clinical pharmacists and intervention treatment techniques. The 5 medical quality control centers of Jiangsu province including department of infection management, department of orthopedics, department of gynecology and obstetrics, department of urinary surgery and digestive department, and the 8 provincial level diagnosis and treatment centers of Jiangsu province including cranial vascular disease, perinatal disease, spinal deformity, digestive endoscopy, osteoarticular disease, macrovascular disease, metabolic disease and rheumatic autoimmune disease are set in the Gulou Hospital. Gulou Hospital is one of the major hospitals for national ministry of health proceeding demonstration project of clinical pathway and high quality nursing service.  
Gulou Hospital is equipped with a number of international medical equipment. It is the only hospital in Jiangsu province that possesses grade A certificate of allocation of Vinci mobile robot and TOMO radiation therapy system. It has also purchased other advanced equipment including PET-CT, ECT, ELEKTA dimolecular linear accelerator, gem instrument CT, magnetic resonance of 1.5T and 3.1T, endoscopic ultrasonography system, intensive care system, PACS image store system, full-automatic dispensing system and international standard grade 100 purified operating room.

In 2004, Nanjing municipal Party Committee and municipal government decided to extend Gulou Hospital to the south and set the extension as an important project for developing public services and facilities of Nanjing city. It is a large comprehensive intelligent and modern medical building with the functions of outpatient service, emergency treatment, in-patient service and medical checking. The hospital covers 224 thousands square meters. It embodies the ideal of “Putting People First” and features of culture, environmental protection, ecology and energy saving. The project was preceded in July 2007 and was capped on 4th July 2009. On 15th December, the building was put into use. Its outpatient visits per day can reach 15,000 and 3,000 hospital beds are put into service. The building is awarded with world architectural award and highest award of construction quality -- Luban Award.
Gulou Hospital has always been inheriting and developing the 100 year’s culture as well as been proceeding scientific management and building its culture brand. It builds the first memorial of hospital history in the country that mainly displays the actual item of hospitals. The memorial is identified as “Patriotism education bases of Nanjing city” and “Culture exchange bases with foreign countries of Nanjing city”. Gulou Hospital has been insisting in reform and innovation and established the first hospital group in the country. It first puts forward the idea of humanistic hospital and investigates the people-oriented management model and assessment system of its feature. The hospital has built a humanistic environment of respecting, satisfying developing. To adapt to the new situation and requirements of medical reform, the hospital has fulfilled the refining of management, promoted the humanism and implemented the six projects including performance management, resource allocation, quality control, cost accounting, performance reward and support guarantee in the recent year. Gulou Hospital is awarded as “National Role Model in Ethical and Cultural Progress”, “National civilized group” by central guidance commission on building spiritual civilization, and awarded as “National advanced unit of health system”, “National advanced unit of hospital culture”, “National advanced unit of hospital management year activity from 2005 to 2007”, “The Best Chinese Hospital Management Group” and “Hospital Innovation Award” by Ministry of Health.

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