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Jiangyan TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Jiangyan TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine is a primarily modernized comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching and researching and it is also the practice base of Jiangsu colleges and universities, the teaching hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and School of Medicine of Yangzhou University, and the cooperation institution of Jiangsu cancer hospital. The area of the whole hospital is more than 25,700 square meters and the area of medical treatment rooms is more than 14,000 square meters. The hospital has set 230 authorized beds, 7 inpatient areas, one independent emergency center and ICU and blood purification center; the outpatient section has 18 clinical departments, 26 outpatient services of specialties and special diseases which have their own characteristics and 7 medical technical departments. The operation room can perform 8 operations at the same time. It is staffed with 403 employees of whom professional technical personnel accounts for 94% including 403 people with senior titles and 150 people with intermediate titles. The yearly outpatient visits are 200,000, and the number of yearly inpatients is more than 5,000.
The hospital is equipped with advanced medical treatment equipment including the domestic advanced extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, hemodialysis machine, whole body CT diagnostic machine, color Doppler B ultrasound, full automatic biochemical analyzer, color electronic gastroscopy, electronic colonoscopy, fiber optic bronchoscope, large X ray machine, C arm X ray machine, 6 seats hyperbaric oxygen chamber, external counter pulsation machine, etc. At present, 124 sets (pieces) of medical equipment are worth more than 10 thousand yuan. Advanced medical equipment strengthens the service ability and emergency capability of specialties, and it also improves the diagnosis and treatment level effectively to satisfy the requirements of patients of different levels. The area of surgical building is 6,700 square meters and the modern instruments including central air-conditioning is equipped; central oxygen supply, vacuum suction and paging system are in full service to provide quiet and comfortable environment for medical treatment and rest.
Since its establishment for 30 years, focusing on "patients oriented" theme, the hospital has improved the medical care quality, service quality and comprehensive level constantly and successively won the honorary title of "national demonstration hospital of TCM", "national health system advanced group", "Jiangsu Role Model in Ethical and Cultural Progress", "Jiangsu TCM scientific advanced group", "baby-friendly hospital" and "safe dispensary". The Minister of Health Zhang Wenkang wrote an inscription to praise Jiangyan TCM Hospital during an inspection: "The spring scenery is matured in the apricot forest, where Jiangyan outshines others".
The hospital spirit of "heal the wounded and rescue the dying, forge ahead, seek practices and innovation, civilization and high quality" is the noble pursuit of the people of Jiangyan TCM Hospital, and the spirit encourages the staff to make progress on a non-stop basis by taking "first-class technologies, first-class service, first-class environment and first-class management" as the target and continue to climb new heights!


Tel: 0523-88234500
Fax: 88234502
Add: No. 77, Tongyang Central Road, Jiangyan city, Jiangsu Province
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