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Changshu TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Changshu TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine (Changshu New District Hospital) is located in the east of Yellow River Road, and it was merged by the original Changshu TCM Hospital and Changshu Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Dec. 2003 and moved to the present location in the second half of 2004.The hospital covers an area of 68 thousand square meters (103 mu), and the construction area is 58 thousand square meters; the major building is composed of an inpatient building of 15 floors, an outpatient building of 4 floors and an emergency building of 2 floors and it is also equipped with a pharmacy building (preparation) and logistics instruments rooms and the total investment is 0.18 billion yuan.
The original Changshu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the municipal maternal care hospital all had the development history of about fifty years and it is now the Grade II Level A hospital which has relatively strong medical treatment technologies, teaching and research ability, distinctive TCM characteristics and service integrating maternal and child health care, and it is also the practice base of colleges and universities in Jiangsu, the teaching hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, the "Network Hospital of International Emergency Center" designated by the international rescue center of Ministry of Health and the "Baby-Friendly Hospital" named by the United Nations Children's Fund and World Health Organization. The hospital has set 545 beds (there are 30 beds in the sub-branch hospital), and 14 inpatient areas including medicine department, surgical department, gynecology department, obstetrical department, pediatrics department, anorectal department, orthopedics and traumatology department, intensive care unit and rehabilitation department, etc. It is staffed with 642 employees of whom 538 are health technical personnel. The hospital is home to 3 provincial famous doctors, 1 Doctor and 5 Masters of Medicine, 50 personnel with deputy and senior professional titles, 3 part-time professors in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and 29 associate professors.
With well-equipped ICU inpatient area and complete medical technologies, the hospital emergency center has certain emergency and emergency treatment ability. By virtue of the professional advantages, the TCM specialty and maternal and child health care are in the lead of the whole city. With a full range of departments, beautiful medical treatment environment and outstanding service instruments, the hospital can receive more than thousand outpatient visits a day. The TCM and western medicine combined nephrology department, orthopedics and traumatology department and children asthma specialty are listed as the Suzhou key specialties; the neonatal department is also the municipal key specialty; the research projects of anorectal department, oncology department, department of acupuncture and moxibustion, and gynecology of TCM are the municipal TCM unique specialties. The nephrology department is the first TCM and western medicine combined kidney diseases specialty in Changshu and the department is equipped with the hemodialysis center with largest scale, most powerful technical strength and best equipment. The orthopedics and traumatology department takes the lead in developing artificial femoral head replacement operation in the city and uses the combination of TCM and western medicine to cure the diseases of orthopedics and traumatology department and it enjoys relatively high reputation. The medical technical strength of neonatal department is pretty powerful and it is engaged in the diagnosis, treatment, rescue and the premature infant care center of new born babies. It has accumulated rich clinical experience in the rescue of critical new born babies by using respirators and the treatment of very low birth weight infant of premature babies. The anorectal department is the unique specialty of hospital and it majors in treating the diseases such as hemorrhoids, anal fistula, anal fissure and anal stenosis and the treatment methods are pretty advanced and the clinical effects are obvious. The oncology department adopts the treatment methods of pure TCM, TCM with radiotherapy, intervention treatment and biotherapy, etc. according to different body situations of different patients in the treatment of many kinds of later tumors, and has won the trusts of patients. The gynecology and obstetrical department stick to the principle of loving mothers and loving babies and adhere to the people-oriented service concept and provide safe, comfortable and warm environment to the pregnant and maternal women so as to ensure the safety of mothers and babies. The hospital also sets the special inpatient areas, single sickroom and suite sickroom to meet the requirements of people of different levels. The hospital pays attention to the training of talents and sends the talents to apply for graduate schools or go abroad for further study and invites the provincial and municipal famous doctors to train the middle aged and young doctors by the handing-down teaching method so as to form the talent echelons. The hospital has set the processing factory of TCM tablets, TCM pharmacy room, and it purchases authentic medicinal herbs and makes drugs by following the ancient methods with the combination of modern scientific technical instruments to manage strictly so as to provide high quality medicines, preparations and drugs.
Since the community medical treatment service been developed, it has set a network of community medical service in the city and sent medical treatment and drugs to their homes for the local people; the hospital mobile medical service team is active in the basic level and provides services to the public for free; it develops all kinds of activities such as health examination and medical care consultation all year round, which has been praised by the inspected parties.


Tel: 0512-52340950
Add: the east end of Yellow River Road, Changshu city, Jiangsu Province
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