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Wuxi TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Founded in October 1954, Wuxi TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine is located on the side of Taihu Lake and center of downtown, adjacent to former residences of Qian Zhongshu and Xue Fucheng who are the celebrities in Wuxi's history. In generations of inheritance and development, it now has become a ministerial Grade III Level A hospital of TCM integrating medicine, education, research, prevention, and health care, which is an affiliated hospital to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. Wuxi TCM Research Institute and Wuxi TCM Orthopedics and Traumatology Center are set up inside this hospital.

In recent years, focusing on its development goals of "maintaining and exerting feature and advantage of traditional Chinese medicine, enhancing construction of national demonstration hospital of TCM, and endeavoring to build an international and modernized new hospital of TCM" so as to deepen the reform of public hospital and advance standardized construction of hospital management, deepen connotation of traditional Chinese medicine and advance featured construction of medical services; On the occasion of deepening construction of key specialties and advancing brand construction of specialty technologies, it has made new progress in all fields, constantly soared in its comprehensive strength and realized sustainable development. At present, it sets 633 hospital beds, is staffed with 1,070 employees, receives a total of 850,000 patients in outpatient and emergency department, discharges nearly 15,000 patients and earns RMB 350 million in total.

Taking the opportunity of "Talent Project", it constantly optimizes its echelon structure, where a mass of excellent talents arise. It is a base of master cultivation of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. Currently, it has 3 pairs of national well-known senior TCM physicians and apprentices, 2 pairs of provincial well-known senior TCM physicians and apprentices and 16 pairs of hospital well-known senior TCM physicians and apprentices. It has cultivated and assembled a batch of elite experts in TCM and Western medicine including 8 provincial well-known experts of TCM and Western medicine, 10 municipal well-known TCM physicians, 1 municipal honorary physician, and 3 municipal well-known physicians; 4 talents of "333" high-level cultivation and 2 targets of Jiangsu TCM leading talent cultivation; 13 doctoral and master supervisors; 16 doctors of medicine, 109 masters of medicine, and 113 senior health workers. The talent echelon in reasonable structure brings the hospital new vitality to its sustainable development. Built as a national post-doctoral scientific research work station in 2010, it fills the gap in Wuxi public organization of post-doctoral scientific research.

It has accumulated TCM featured brands such as "Huang's laryngology", "Du's acupuncture", "Liu's orthopedics and traumatology", "Ding's treatment for haemorrhoids", "Tao's hepatology" and "cancer treatment by fine tuning and balance" and made remarkable achievements in specialty brand construction in its development. Currently, its departments of orthopedics and traumatology, cardiovascular diseases are national TCM key specialty construction units; its orthopedics and traumatology department, department of angiocarpy and oncology department are Jiangsu TCM demonstration specialty construction units and Jiangsu TCM clinical key specialties; its anorectal department and department of kidney diseases are Jiangsu TCM clinical key specialty construction units; its anorectal department, department of kidney diseases, department of acupuncture and moxibustion, department of rheumatism and preventive disease treatment prevention and healthcare center are Wuxi municipal TCM clinical key specialties. It has also developed a batch of featured specialties including stroke department, pneumology department, department of spleen stomach and hepatology, department of rheumatism, endocrinology department, hematology department, gynecology, surgery department (department of carbuncle and ulcers), department of mastopathy surgery, department of nephrology surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology department and E.N.T. Department and etc.

By firmly sizing advantages of theory, therapy, prescription and health maintenance of TCM, Wuxi TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine has developed a batch of its featured technologies of TCM broadening areas of clinical application, a batch of its classical TCM oral preparations widespread applied and a batch of its preventive disease treatment prevention and healthcare projects forming new features and advantages. At present, it is determined by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People's Republic of China to be "pouch-pack Chinese herbal medicine promotion and application pilot hospital" and "prevention and healthcare pilot hospital" of preventive treatment of diseases.

It has made outstanding achievements in information construction and initially established massive integrated open hospital information management system, electronic medical record system, clinical quality monitoring system, reasonable medication system, "physician-patient communication" service platform, outpatient diagnosis workstation, wireless ward round, mobile nursing system, mobile asset management, mobile ECG information, tele-consultation system, etc. which has improved its efficiency, quality and physician-patient communication. Awarded "national digital pilot demonstration hospital" by Ministry of Health, it is also a "national demonstration of TCM hospital informationalization".

The construction of its new hospital of Chinese medicine is expected to usher in a new opportunity of development. Its reconstruction and relocation project is listed by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People's Republic of China and National Development and Reform Commission as "national key TCM hospital construction project" and listed by the municipal government as one of 2009 top five significant projects of public establishment. With 72,000 m2 in floor space, over 130,000 m2 for newly built area,, RMB 800 million of investment  and 1,200 designed beds (over 860 beds will be available in the first phase), the new hospital of TCM will be built to a modernized general hospital of TCM integrating medicine, education, scientific research, prevention, healthcare, and recovery of TCM in Wuxi.
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