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Nanjing TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Nanjing TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine is the Third Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, also called as Nanjing Anorectal Hospital and Nanjing Red Cross Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Experiencing the transition from Nanjing Police Department Clinic, Public Security Hospital to Affiliated Hospital, it was literally founded and renamed as Nanjing TCM Hospital in 1956. Located at the riverside of Qinhuai River that is well-known both at home and abroad, it is a Grade III Level A general hospital of traditional Chinese medicine integrating medicine, precaution, scientific research, education, healthcare and recovery, which processes advanced equipment, powerful technologies, full range of specialties, and orderly management.
It has set over 600 hospital beds and at the moment, it is staffed with more than 150 senior health workers, 6 nationwide well-known TCM experts being as the advisers, 11 provincial well-known doctors, 4 provincial TCM and Western medicine experts, and 29 well-known experts of TCM and combination of TCM and Western medicine in Nanjing. It has more than 160 professors, associate professors and lecturers and over 20 doctoral and master supervisors.
It has established the full range of clinical departments, with key departments having outstanding technical features and at present, it has 2 national key specialties and disciplines: national anorectal medical center and department of encephalopathy; 1 national key specialty: climacteric syndrome in gynecology; 6 provincial key TCM specialties: anorectal department, orthopedics and traumatology department, department of acupuncture and moxibustion, department of cerebrovascular diseases, gynecology, oncology department; 7 municipal key TCM specialties: senile diseases department, health recovery center, emergency treatment department, gastroenterology department, oncology department, nephrology department, department of cardiology, endocrinology department. It has set TCM research institute and colonic and rectal disease research institute as well.
Nanjing TCM Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine has become a national pharmaceutical clinical test institution, international TCM education, internship and training base of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and clinical base of international acupuncture and moxibustion training center of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. It is now an anorectal branch of China Association of Chinese Medicine and associated unit of Jiangsu Committee of TCM Encephalopathy Specialty, Jiangsu Committee of TCM Pediatrics Specialty, Nanjing Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Nanjing Acupuncture and Moxibustion Society.

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