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The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Approved by People's Government of Jiangsu Province, the hospital was established in December 1988. At present, it is located in the central Hexi Area, Nanjing. It is the only Grade III Level A public medical institution in the area of from west of Qinhuai River and south of Caochangmen to Olympic Center in Hexi. With over twenty years of construction and development, it has constantly enhanced its connotative quality construction, TCM feature construction and talent team construction which has brought great changes to its comprehensive service capacity. At present, it has become a provincial general medical institution integrating medical care, teaching and scientific research, an international teaching hospital in Jiangsu Province and a designated health insurance hospital in Nanjing City and Jiangsu Province. 

The hospital has established a full range of clinical departments and is staffed with experienced clinical doctors and experts of all departments who are graduate student supervisors or assume positions in medical academic societies, including nearly a hundred experts in professional titles of deputy-director TCM physician and associate professor and above, which brings our hospital the great influence in Nanjing and even across the whole province.

The emergency department has advanced environment and facilities and can receive patients 24 hours a day. Its outpatient department applies a working system of no weekend and golden week holidays, supplying warm and comfortable service to patients by brand new and comfortable outpatient environment. At present, the outpatient department sets the following clinical departments: cardiology department, department of pulmonary diseases, department of spleen and stomach diseases, department of encephalopathy, oncology department, department of kidney diseases, surgery department, anorectal department, orthopedics and traumatology department, gynecology, pediatrics, department of acupuncture and moxibustion, massage department, department of stomatology, ophthalmology, department of otorhinolaryngology, dermatology department, etc., of which the department of acupuncture and moxibustion is a key clinical specialty of TCM in Jiangsu Province; the department of pulmonary diseases is a key clinical specialty construction unit of TCM of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People's Republic of China; the orthopedics and traumatology department and department of spleen and stomach diseases are provincial TCM key clinical specialty construction units, showing the diagnosis and treatment feature and advantage. The inpatient department is equipped with 600 approved beds and has set ten wards including cardiology, encephalopathy, spleen and stomach diseases, tumors, pulmonary diseases, surgery, orthopedics and traumatology, gynecology, acupuncture and ICU. It now has over 100 hi-tech diagnosis and treatment appliances such as brand-new imported magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CT, imported color Doppler ultrasound (including 3D color Doppler ultrasound), imported DR, digital gastrointestinal machine, GE general electrocardiogram analysis system, GE electronic gastroscopy and colonoscopy, laparoscope, hysteroscopy, and imported in vitro lithotripter. Besides, it has established a featured outpatient department on No.1 Ma'anshan Road (compound behind provincial party committee) as well. The medical quality and service of Jiangsu Province No.2 Hospital of TCM are highly appreciated by patients.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine will stick to the original purpose of establishing a patient-oriented hospital, always putting patients first and serving patients for their health”. It will constantly enhance its medical quality while insisting in building people-oriented service to constantly improve the service level. Specifically, it will take the following measures:
I The outpatient department will proceed with its system of no weekends and no golden week holidays and the emergency center will receive patients 24 hours a day;
II It will optimize its service process and reduce waiting time of registration, treatment, inspection, etc. of patients by increasing service windows;
III It will conduct strict charge management, firmly eradicate illegal charges and supply free computer query service concerning drug and service price and hospitalization cost;
IV It will set outpatient services and beds providing medical care with favorable charges to those who are economically-challenged;
V It will increase appointment to registration, appointment to inspection, appointment to physical examination, telephone counseling and other convenient services;
VI It will enhance physician-patient communications, designate specialized staff to take the initiative to ask for opinions from patients and build harmonious physician-patient relations.

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