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School of Humanistic and Political Education

The predecessors of the School of Humanistic and Political Education include the Teaching and Research Office of Marxism – Leninism, Department of Social Sciences and Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. It was renamed so in 2012. The School mainly undertakes the task of developing the ideological and political theory courses, humane quality education and TCM cultural disciplines. It has 9 teaching and research offices, 1 admin office and 1 reference room under its umbrella, while the University’s TCM Cultural Research Center and the Research Center for Ideological and Political Theory Education are affiliated to the School.

The School now retains 37 faculty and staff members, including 32full-time teachers. All of the full-time teachers hold master and above degrees and 24of them have doctoral degrees (doctoral degree candidates included), 16 associate professor and professors. Among the staff, 1 is a member of the Teaching Supervisory Committee of the Ministry of Education; 3 have been selected as candidates of Triple Three Project in Jiangsu Province; 5 are academic leaders and backbone teachers of the Qing-lan Project in Jiangsu Province. The School has 1 provincial-level and 1 university-level excellent technology innovation team, and 5 experts who have obtained provincial honorary titles.

The School offers more than 40 courses for candidates of bachelor, master and doctor degrees. 1 of these courses is an excellent course for postgraduate students at the provincial level, and 1 is a high-quality course at the university level. It has compiled 2 planned textbooks in the TCM industry as editor-in-chief, 1 textbook as associate editor, and over 20 other textbooks as an editor-in-chief or a participant. At the School, 15 teachers have received prizes in the teaching contents among young teachers at the provincial and above levels. The School has won 2 second prizes for teaching achievements at the national level, 1 special prize and 1 first prize of teaching at the provincial level. It is a unit functioning as one of the first-batch teaching demonstration centers for ideological and political theory courses and as one of the cultivation centers of College of Marxism (a teaching and scientific research organization of ideological and political theory courses) in colleges and universities of Jiangsu Province. It has been granted the excellent grade in the assessments of ideological and political theory courses and art courses.

The School has 2 key disciplines, i.e. TCM Culture as a key discipline by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ideological and Political Education as a key discipline at the university level. The TCM Cultural Research Center is a key research base for philosophy and social sciences in colleges and universities of Jiangsu Province, which independently sets up master and doctoral degree programs for second-level disciplines in TCM Culture. Over the recent years, the School has added 7 projects sponsored by National Social Science Fund, 2 projects sponsored by Humanities and Social Science Fund of the Ministry of Education, 17 provincial-level projects, and 31 department-level projects. The School has obtained 1 third prize of the Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Seventh Scientific Research in Colleges and Universities (humanities and social sciences), and 3 prizes for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences in the provincial colleges and universities. 

The School adheres to being moral education first and TCM culture featured, and takes the integration of ideological, political and humanistic quality education as the main thread at all times to carry out discipline construction, teaching reform and scientific research with the spirit of reform and innovation, as part of the efforts to build itself into the main channel for ideological and political education of college students, the battle position for humanistic quality education and the center for research and communication of TCM culture. 


Administrative Office
School of Humanistic and Political Education
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Add: Building11, School of Humanistic and Political Education, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
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