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Established in 1954, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine (NJUCM) is one of the earliest established universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. It is a university selected in National “Double First-Class” University Construction, a university involved in key construction projects of Jiangsu Province, and co-developed by the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People’s Republic of China. The graduate education of NJUCM started in 1979. In 1981, the university was approved by the State Council as one of the first-batch institutions granted with the authority to confer master and doctoral degrees. The Chinese Internal Medicine has become one of the first-batch specialties to confer doctoral degrees. 

NJUCM offers 1 state key discipline (level 1), 2 state key disciplines (level 2), 2 state key disciplines (cultivation), 2 project disciplines for phase II of superiority discipline construction project in colleges and universities of Jiangsu Province, and 2 key sequence disciplines; 2 key (cultivation) disciplines in the period of the 13th five-year plan in Jiangsu Province; 33 key disciplines in TCM by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 8 key disciplines by TCM Administration of Jiangsu Province.In the Fourth National Discipline Assessment, three main disciplines of NJUCM, namely Chinese medicine, Chinese materia medica and integration of Chinese and western medicine are all A level. Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology and Toxicology have been included in the top 1% of Global ESI ranking.

The School now has 3 post-doctoral research stations, namely Chinese medicine, Chinese materia medica and integration of Chinese and western medicine. 4 doctoral degree (level 1 disciplines) programs, covering all the second disciple of Chinese medicine, Chinese materia medica, integration of Chinese and western medicine, and nursing. It is 7 master’s degree (level 1 discipline) programs, namely Pharmacy, Biological Science, Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Public Management, History of Science and Technology, Soft Engineering. It has 1 category of doctoral specialized degree, namely Chinese medicine and has 5 categories of master specialized degree, namely Chinese medicine, Chinese material medica, nursing, applied psychology. Now, it has 13 resident standardization training base for postgraduate of Chinese medicine and 13 working stations for postgraduate. The School has 4010 students, including1107 doctoral students, 2903 master students.  

NJUCM adheres to preciseness in education and creates strong academic atmosphere on campus. NJUCM has cultivated years of talents in Chinese medicine and serves as the national continuing education base for Chinese medicine faculties. It  now has 6 Chinese medicine grand masters, 4 nationally renowned Chinese medicine doctors, 2 academicians of dual employments, 2 Changjiang Distinguished Professors, 6 recipients of National Science Fund for Distinguished Youth Scholars, 3 members of Disciplinary Evaluation Group of State Council, 1 leading scientist of national 973 program, 7 electees of national Tens of Millions Project, 54 recipients of  Special government allowances of the State Council, 2 experts distinguished for outstanding contribution to the nation, 2 nationally renowned teachers, 1 national model teacher, 6 nationally excellent teachers, 3 renowned teachers for Chinese medicine higher education institutions, 1 recipient for National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar, 10 Specially-Appointed Professors in Jiangsu Province, 2 recipients of Bethune Medal, 1 recipient for Science and Technology Innovation Award of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, forming a leading faculty team with high caliber among the national Chinese medicine universities and colleges.

NJUCM is one of the first advanced Chinese Medicine institutions authorized by the Ministry of Education to enroll international students as well as students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. In 1997, NJUCM pioneered the practice of cooperating with Toyama Medical University to jointly train postgraduate students. Recently, the School makes active efforts to strengthen the international exchange  and carry out joint raining program with overseas high level universities and explore overseas practicing bases. NJUCM has successfully established 8 overseas Chinese Medicine Center in Oceanian, European and American regions. Especially, the 3 Chinese Medicine Centers of Sino-Australia, Sino-Switzerland and Sino-France have been authorized by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of P. R. China as national-level overseas Chinese medicine centers. 

After hard work of more than thirty years, rapid development has been achieved in postgraduate education, with increased categories of disciplines, expanded scale of education and improved quality of cultivation. The School received the one first-prize and one second-prize for achievements in the reform of development mode for graduates in Jiangsu Province. The School was awarded the Excellence Unit for postgraduate enrolment and management. The School has 13 excellent graduate courses, and 1 course taught bilingually, 3 excellent English courses. The School has granted 23 excellent doctoral dissertations and 52 excellent master dissertations of Jiangsu province. 

In the future, we will adhere to the motto of “Confidence, Dedication” and the spirit of “Unity, Endeavour, Inheritance, Innovation”, conduct “An In-depth Study Integrating the Chinese and the West”, firmly believes in the educational philosophy of “Benevolent Integrity, Benevolent Technique and Benevolent Person”. By maintain its characteristic features and strengthening connotation construction, we strive to build itself as a leading Chinese medicine university with international reputation among the high-level universities with unique features in China.


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