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International Jingfang Institute

With aims to bring out NJUCM’s edge in Jingfang medical research, to promote the overseas spread of Jingfang medicine, and to increase NJUCM’s global influence in transnational communication in culture and academics, the International Jingfang Institute has been officially established on October 16, 2016. Listed under the Dept. of Development Planning, the institute will be an educational special zone, as an independent college with no administrative supervision, and will explore its operation system in practice. 

The institute invites the nationally-renowned TCM expert, Academician Prof. Wu Yiling as Honorary Dean. Prof. Wu Yiling is the Chairman, board of directors, Yiling Pharmacuticals in Hebei Province. He has presided over the national 973 project and is the member for national political consulting conference. Prof. Huang Huang, the Jiangsu Province Famous Doctor acts as the Dean of the institute. 

The institute is equipped with Huang Huang Jingfang Medical Work Office, Administrative Office, Teaching and Research Office, Conference Room, Reception Room, Clinical Teaching Room, Training Room, the 1st and 4th classroom etc. 

The institute will conduct all aspects of work in education, research and clinical service.

1. Education

(1) International education: Targeted at the overseas students, the institute provides short-term training and postgraduate educational programs. The institute also teams up with overseas educational colleges to open joint programs, to establish overseas Jingfang branch schools, and to hold seminars on a regular basis. 

(2) Continued education: Targeted at the domestic entry-level clinical physicians, the institute will provide training and seminar programs to improve clinical abilities, in an effort to cultivate TCM talents with practical skills that are in urgent demand. 

(3) Full-time education: The institute provides Chinese Jingfang-related courses and research programs for full-time undergraduates and postgraduates, and conducts exploration to open Jingfang medicine courses in TCM programs. 

2. Research

The institute will join efforts with higher education institutions, medical industries as well as other social organizations to conduct the research in processed Jingfang products, Jingfang health products, the global database of Jingfang application, Jingfang medical literature, Jingfang chain clinics, Jiangfang Internet plus, etc. The institute will hold the international and domestic yearly conferences, and actively conduct academic exchanges in the Jingfang medical filed. 

3. Clinic

(1) The institute provides a variety of instructions in clinical training, medical practice and clinical exemplification for students and physicians at home and aboard. 

(2) Under the guide of NJUCM executives, the institute will draw upon resources in education, clinic and research from all disciplines and schools in an effort to build itself as a renowned institution with special characteristics and influence. 

(3) The institute opens its arms for all walk of life to visit NJUCM, to communicate and collaborate, to share and spread the treasure of the Chinese people, the Chinese Jingfang, to promote the construction of Healthy China and Healthy Jiangsu Province, and make more splendid achievements to contribute to the development of NJUCM.


Administrative Office
International Jingfeng Institute  
Tel: +86-25-86798156
Add: The 6th Floor of Building NO.5, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
282 Hanzhong Rd., Nanjing 210029, China 

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