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School of Information Technology

School of Information Technology, with its predecessor being “TCM Computer Application Research Center” of Nanjing TCM College established in 1985, mainly focused on the research of computer application in TCM and the basic education courses in computer, and have accomplished expert diagnosis system such as Dr. Fei Jiuzhi’s expertise system on treating obesity by acupuncture, Prof. Qiu Maoliang’s expertise system on acupuncture treatment. The two systems have been rewarded the prizes of scientific advance and excellent software respectively, actively making contributions to the development of TCM. In 2003, in response to NJUCM’s mission to build an internationally renowned and domestically first-rate university, and also to meet the need of multidisciplinary talents in society, School of Information Technology was officially established in 2003 as efforts to achieve the aim of providing TCM education supported by multi-disciplinary development. 

The School has 6 teaching and research offices for Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Medical Information Engineering, General Computer Education, Mathematics and Physics respectively, and 2 provincial demonstration centers of experimental teaching (“Experimental Center of Information Technology” and “Practical Education Center of Medical Information Technology”), undertaking the teaching tasks of professional computer courses, basic courses of information technology for the whole university and computer-related courses, and such courses as mathematics and physics. The School now has 62 staff members, including 5 professors or research fellows, 17 associate professors or holders of associate senior titles, 19 PhD holders, 6 doctor students, 1 doctoral supervisor, 4 master supervisors, 1 Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contribution in Jiangsu Province, 1 S&T Innovation Team in “Qing-Lan Project” among universities in Jiangsu Province, 2 Young and Middle-aged Talents of Triple Three Project in Jiangsu Province, 3 high-level talents in “Six Talent Summits” in Jiangsu Province, and 2 trainees of “Qing-Lan Project” among universities in Jiangsu Province. Nearly 20 young teachers have received course training and conducted academic exchange at overseas universities such as Western Sydney University, Swinburne University of Technology and University of Virginia. In the last three years, the School faculty has taken charge of 7 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, more than 10 provincial and ministerial projects, having been awarded more than 20 prizes of teaching and scientific research achievements, including first prize of National Commercial Scientific and Technological Progress and third prize of National University Micro-course Teaching Competition.

The School has “Computer Science and Technology” and “Software Engineering” as 2 undergraduate majors and “Computer Science and Technology (embedded training)” as an undergraduate major orientation, a second-level discipline of “TCM Information” conferring doctorate and master’s degrees, and has a total of more than 700 students on campus. It has “Computer Science and Technology” as a key university-level discipline, “Software Engineering” as a key university-level cultivation discipline, Key Discipline of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine co-established with the Literature Institute. The School attaches great importance to bring in excellent education resources from both domestic and overseas universities. In 2007, it collaborated with Swinburne University of Technology, Australia to jointly provide the bachelor’s degree program in computer science and technology. In 2015, it collaborated with Danei Software to jointly provide training for students majored in computer science and technology as well as Java and big data. 

The School boasts of two Experimental Teaching and Practical Training Center for Jiangsu Higher Education Institution. Of which, the “Information Technology Experimental Teaching Center” has passed the evaluation of Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Basic Courses in Jiangsu Province in 2008, and has been approved to become the Experimental Teaching and Practical Training Center for Jiangsu Higher Education Institution in November, 2012. The other, “Practical Training Center of Medicinal Information Technology” has been approved to be the Experimental Teaching and Practical Training Center for Jiangsu Higher Education Institution in June, 2015. The overall coverage for Experimental Teaching Center is 2,800 square meters. Equipped with 22 experimental teaching rooms for courses in computer science such as computer foundations, software engineering, software technology, database, computer network, medicinal information, electronical technology, microcomputer interface, embedded system, computer components and structure, etc, and with 5 innovation laboratories for students, the center can accommodate over 1000 students simultaneously to conduct experiments, undertaking the education, training, graduation design, online examination for the School, the whole university and the society. The School has signed with more than 10 industries to build internship bases. By relying on 50 plus affiliated hospitals and clinical training hospitals including the Jiangsu Provincial TCM Hospital, the School provided expansive training platforms for undergraduate students’ practical training and internships.  

In addition, the School has been actively exploring new ideas and methods of teaching and education, and effectively carrying out school education, management and service based on the innovation of systems, methods, activity contents and forms. Excellent teachers are appointed as undergraduate tutors. All CPC member teachers and student classes are developed jointly. Teachers guide students to participate in extracurricular learning activities, launch academic lectures and develop diversified activities including teacher-student co-construction. A desirable educational environment has come into being at the School, with the overall quality and practical ability of its students having been promoted as a whole. A lot of students are guided to take an active part in various extracurricular innovative practice projects and discipline competitions, having obviously promoted their innovative spirit and practical ability. Under due guidance, undergraduates have been successively awarded the second prize and the third prize of 2011 and 2013 “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Extracurricular Academic Scientific and Technological Works Competition. In the last three years, undergraduates have been awarded more than 150 prizes at discipline competitions at or above the provincial level, including “Blue Bridge Cup” National Software and Information Technology Professionals Competition, National Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Competition, Advanced Mathematics Competition and Jiangsu Province Undergraduate Scientific and Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.  



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