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School of Foreign Languages

School of Foreign Languages was established in 2004 and formerly known as Foreign Language Teaching and Research Office of the School of Basic Medicine. The School has Teaching and Research Offices of Basic English, Advanced English, College English, Minority Language. It also provides facilities such as Language Laboratory, Reference Room and Independent Learning Center for English Majors. At present, it has been carrying out the teaching of English, Japanese, German, French and Spanish. 

The School has a faculty team mainly consisted of young and middle-aged teachers. Currently, there are 58 faculty and staff members, including 1 professor, 14 associate professors, 41 lecturers and 5-6 foreign teachers. The majority of faculty members have overseas study or further education experiences. Over the past few years, nearly half of the faculty members have won various awards or honorary titles above the provincial or university level. 


It is the responsibility of the School to teach the students at all levels the courses of public foreign language and the second foreign language. Meanwhile, by making full use of the university’s advantages in Chinese medicine, the School has been putting into implementation a teaching mode which combines the foreign language with Chinese medicine so as to actively cultivate undergraduate inter-disciplinary English majors and high-level Chinese medicine graduates specialized in foreign language. 

The School possesses advanced teaching facilities such as the language laboratories that can meet the requirements of training for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Its reference room is equipped with complete collection of foreign language books, magazines and literatures as well as abundant audio and video teaching materials. Besides, the School has built a platform dedicated for the cultivation of English professionals, i.e. the Independent Learning Center for English Majors, thus forming a learning environment with its own characteristics. 

The School has long been undertaking the interpretation work at the international conference on Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine clinical translation work and translation of Chinese medicine literature, with gratifying achievements made in TCM translation, applied linguistics and other areas. In recent years, the School has delivered more than 60 papers on the translation of Chinese medicine in domestic and foreign academic journals, published more than 10 copies of foreign language teaching materials, translation and dictionary on Chinese medicine, and undertaken dozens of teaching and scientific research projects at the provincial, departmental and university levels. The School has preliminarily formed its research characteristics in areas of Chinese medicine translation, corpus linguistics, language teaching theory and practice. The discipline construction has shown a good momentum of development. Currently, the “Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics” has become a key discipline of the university and “TCM Foreign Language” master degree program is known as one of the only two foreign language master programs provided by the peer colleges and universities nationwide. 

Centered on teaching, the School has been strict with the teaching quality, teaching style and the study style. In TEM 4 and TEM 8 test, its students have being the leading position among similar institutions in China. Also, they have successfully completed various translation tasks at the international exchange and cooperation conference on traditional Chinese medicine, with various national important prizes awarded. In recent years, the employment rate of the graduates has reached exceeded 95%, and the graduates are commonly popular with the society and employers. Many graduates have been admitted into well-known colleges and universities at home and abroad for further study. 

The School has a branch CYL committee and a student union. There are various kinds of student activities, especially English talent completion, English singing contest and English speech contest, etc., becoming the influential brand activities of the university. A series of activities have well shaped the vitality image of the School. 

Looking onto the future, the School will be further open-minded and forging ahead, and make due contribution in the process of “Double First Rate” Construction of Nanjing University  Chinese Medicine. 


Administrative Office
School of Foreign Languages
Tel: +86-25-85811583
Add: Building 8, School of Foreign Languages, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
138 Xianlin Rd., Nanjing 210023, China

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