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School of Nursing

School of Nursing was established in 1986 and has 30 years of history, with clear target of training, distinctive school characteristics and excellent teaching facilities. The School has a series of landmark achievements in aspects of discipline construction, professional construction and talent cultivation. The School owns national characteristic specialty and brand professional in Jiangsu province. Nursing Experimental Teaching Center is the first national nursing experimental teaching demonstration center. Chinese Medicine Nursing is the key discipline of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Nursing discipline is the Preponderant Discipline of Jiangsu province. Chinese Medicine Internal Medicine Nursing is a national-sharing high-quality resources curriculum, and Community Nursing is the high-quality course in Jiangsu province and Community Nursing Practice Center is the provincial practice education demonstration center. The Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing technical standardization research team was awarded Jiangsu Province Qing-Lan Engineering Science and Technology Innovation Team. The Senior Citizen Service System research team won the Excellent Innovation Team of Philosophy and Social Science of Jiangsu University. The teaching reform project won the first prize in Jiangsu Province teaching achievement, and the scientific research won the first prize in Jiangsu Province Chinese medicine science and technology. Editorial textbooks are listed as national "Eleventh Five-Year" and "Twelfth five-year" planning materials.

The School has three levels of programs including doctorate, master and undergraduate, taking the lead to recruit master and doctorate of nursing students among the national Chinese medicine institutions. Master’s science degree and professional degree in nursing science have been authorized in 2005. From 2009, the School has been qualified to receive the doctorate students in Nursing with Combined Chinese and Western Medicine. Besides, the School boasts a team of well-trained teachers with rational knowledge and hierarchical structure. There are more than 40 full-time teachers, 1 doctorate supervisor, 17 master supervisor, with 1 teacher awarded the title of Jiangsu Famous Teacher, 1 selected as First Level Talent of Triple Three Project in Jiangsu Province, 3 as Young and Middle-aged Academic Leader in Qing-Lan Project of Jiangsu Province, 3 as Excellent Leading Teacher of Qing-Lan Project of Jiangsu Province, 1 as candidate of Six Talent Summit Project in Jiangsu Province.

There are 5 teaching and research offices, namely basic nursing, internal medicine nursing, surgical nursing, Chinese medicine nursing, humanistic nursing, 1 experimental teaching center, 1 university level key lab of Chinese Medicine Nursing for Chronic Diseases. School of Nursing also has a wealth of practical teaching bases for the students to provide a strong clinical protection, 20 affiliated hospitals, 19 teaching hospitals, 31 internship hospitals and 8 community practice bases, providing strong support for enhancing students’ nursing capabilities. In the meantime, the School also provide training bases for national nursing professionals and senior citizen care-takers, making great contribution to cultivating talents to the society’s needs.

Under the direction of training philosophy of “Strengthening Western Medicine, Highlighting Chinese Medicine, Enhancing Humanism Care, Emphasizing Holistic Nursing” and the nursing culture of “Encouragement, Benevolence, Skill and Beauty”, we prepared our students to be the excellent health professionals with scientific knowledge base, effective communication and clinical skills as well as characteristic TCM culture. Students are highly and generally praised by employers. Currently, there are more than 1,400 nursing undergraduate students on campus. The employment rate of nursing students is close to 100% annually. In the “Challenge Cup” College Entrepreneurship competition, we won the provincial gold medal, and the national bronze medal. Moreover, class of 2004’s Foreign Nursing students obtained the title of “the national advanced class”. The main feature of the School is to maintain the characteristics of nursing with combined Chinese and Western medicine. Institutions of nursing education in Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan regions and in western countries established joint education programs with the School, which is of promising future.

The nursing discipline of NJUCM is among the leading position in the nation. Academic leader Professor Xu Guihua serves as the chairman of the Nursing Professional Committee, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, also as a member of the Nursing Teaching Instructor Committee of the Ministry of Education, the Vice Chair of Nursing Branch of the National Higher Medical Education Association , the Vice Chairman of Nursing Branch of the Chinese Medicine Society ,the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Nursing Institute of Nursing Education Professional Committee, the Vice Chairman of the National College of Nursing Professional Teaching Materials Construction Steering Committee, the Chairman of the Chinese Nursing Teaching Materials Review Committee,the Vice President of Chinese Elderly Health Service Personnel Training Research Branch ,the Vice Chairman of CMIA Nursing Informatics Committee, expert of the National Chinese Medicine Nursing Title examination, the Deputy Editor of "Chinese modern nursing magazine" and the Deputy Editor "Chinese nursing education" magazine. As the management unit of the National Chinese Medicine Nursing Backbone Personnel Training Project of the National Chinese Medicine Administration, the National Backbone of Traditional Chinese Medicine Care Training Base, the Elderly Service Vocational Skills Training Base, Jiangsu Province Red Cross Emergency Rescue Training Base, School of Nursing will make a great contribution for personnel training and social services. 


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