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The Sports Department

Established in 2006, the Sports Department, a teaching management unit with an independent system, serves as a functional department for sports management of the University. It mainly undertakes the teaching of public physical education, scientific research on sports education, student’s physical health test, sports competition, campus group activity, and construction of sports venues and facilities. It has the office, site equipment management center, teaching and research office for basic physical education, teaching and research office for special physical education, teaching and research office for traditional health sports, and center for monitoring physical health of college students. The Sports Department has 31 teaching staff, including 7 administrative staff, 24 full-time teachers. Among them, there are 8 associate professors and 13 lecturers. And at the same time, it has 1 international referee, 2 national referees, and 14 category first-level referees. The teachers’ age, academic degree, professional title and education related structure are reasonable, contributing to a stable team.
Over the recent years, under the guidance of the University’s Party Committee, considerable development has been achieved in sports related work. Led by the adoption of teaching reform, the Department has constantly reformed and innovated the approaches and methods for the sports related work, with the overall level being improved significantly. The Department has developed its own characteristics by introducing the idea of “happy physical education” in the teaching process; in terms of sports competition, it has established two characterized projects of martial arts and aerobics after long-time efforts and accumulation, and achieved excellent results in contests and competitions at the national, provincial and city levels, becoming a window through which the University’s image is displayed. The recent two years has seen rapid development in woman beach volleyball, and the Department has won the championship of the provincial competition among university students and taken the second place in the national competition among university students. With regard to the improvement of student’s physical conditions, the Department introduces the idea of “healthy physical education” and leads the students to have physical training consciously, with the qualification rate of physical fitness test being over 90%; with regard to group activity, by taking “interest” as the supporting point and emphasizing “interesting physical education”, it tends to fully arouse the enthusiasm of the teachers and students for participation in sports activities and develop colorful group activities led by the university sports meeting; in scientific research, it has made new breakthroughs in terms of the quantity and quality of thesis and project, with the comprehensive quality of the teachers continuously improved. It has made qualitative leaps on the construction of stadiums, with the physical education venues covering an area of 9.72 square meters, and sports facilities are fully equipped.


The Sports Department
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