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Institute of Literature in Chinese Medicine

Institute of Literature in Chinese Medicine is an entity of scientific research whose major mission is sorting and studying literatures of traditional Chinese medicine and bringing up high-level professionals of literatures of traditional Chinese medicine. Once renamed Research Office of TCM Literatures, the Institute is developed on the basis of the compilation team of Chinese Medicine Dictionary established in 1958. As required by discipline development, Institute of Traditional Chinese Medical Literatures was established in 1986. At present, the Institute has Research Office of Herbal Literatures, Research Office of Prescription Literatures, Research Office of Clinical Literatures and Research Office of Modern Literatures, with 20 faculty and staff members. Since 2008, Research Institute of Folk Medicine, Research Institute of TCM Sinology and Research Center of TCM Genres, affiliated to Institute of Traditional Chinese Medical Literatures. The discipline of TCM Literatures is one of the important parts of TCM. Research of TCM literatures is an important basis of modern TCM scientific research, education and clinical development. Along with the continuous development of economic, social, educational, medical, scientific research and other environments, new requirements have been posed for the discipline of TCM literatures, having brought a new opportunity. The Institute continuously carries out connotation innovation, reasonable planning and energetic construction according to external environments and contemporary requirements.
1. Team building
Since its independent organization system was resumed, Institute of Literature in Chinese Medicine has brought in 20 staff members, including 18 professionals (including 2 institute leaders), 1 secretary and 1 keeper of reference room, 5 holder of senior technical titles, 5 holders of associate senior technical titles, 2 people aged above 60, 4 people aged 50-60, 5 people aged 40-50, 7 people aged 30-40 and 2 people aged 20-30, 9 holders of PhD degrees and 11 holders of master degrees. 
2. Discipline construction and scientific research achievements
Institute of Literature in Chinese Medicine carries out various jobs in connection with disciplines, expands research fields through discipline construction, enables the mutual integration and promotion and simultaneous inheritance and innovation among the national discipline of TCM history literatures, national discipline of TCM information of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the university-level discipline of herbalism, and has made conspicuous achievements in such aspects as the sorting and exploitation of ancient books, the formulation of Chinese medicine standards, the communication of TCM culture, the information processing and knowledge discovery of literatures, the popularization of TCM science and clinical utilization, having promoted the development of relevant fields. In addition, the Institute reinforces exchange with experts in the same industry and promotes its level of discipline construction by convening international and domestic academic conferences, actively encourages teachers to apply for scientific research projects of various levels and types, reinforces the process management of projects, and regularly employs experts for guidance and training. 
In the “12th-five-year-plan” period, the institute has made unprecedented achievements in the number of scientific research projects and results, having undertaken 144 scientific research projects, including 1 national social science major and 1 general project, 1 project funded by National Natural Science Foundation, 2 youth fund projects by National Natural Science Foundation, 1 project of Ministry of Finance, 3 projects of Ministry of Education, 5 projects of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 3 projects of Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation, and 4 projects of Jiangsu Provincial Social Science, and has published 145 academic theses, 33 of which have been included in CSCD, 39 of which have been included in Chinese core journals of Peking university, and 2 of which have been included in CSSCI. The published indicative works include Chinese Medicine Dictionary (Edition 2, having been granted the government award of Chinese books), Chinese Medical Prescriptions, Dictionary of TCM Prescriptions (Edition 2, 1 volume), Collection of Ancient Rare Books of TCM, Centenary Nanjing TCM, Series of Chinese Ancient Medical Books, History of Disciplines of Chinese Medicine, Series of Handwritten Medical Books Enshrined in Taipei Palace Museum, Jiangsu TCM Culture and Inheritance, etc. The Institute has secured 9 invention patents.   
3. Education and teaching
Although the Institute focuses on literature research and always has a heavy task of research, teachers take an active part in the postgraduate and undergraduate teaching of the university, having brought up 18 master degree holders and 5 doctor degree holders of TCM history literatures in the past 5 years. The supervisors have been self-consciously reinforcing daily management over postgraduates, and all graduation theses have so far been judged to be qualified based on random check, with the employment rate of postgraduates being 100%. In addition, the supervisors have been actively undertaking basic, clinical courses of TCM, e.g. Science of Chinese Medicine, Basic Theory of TCM, Introduction to TCM Health and Rehabilitation, College Chinese, etc., and have been offering optional courses related to TCM literatures, e.g. Introduction to Herbalism, Jiangsu TCM Genres, TCM Disease and Syndrome Origin, Selection of Pain-relieving Prescriptions in the Past Dynasties. The teaching quality has been promoted continuously. Several teachers have made excellent performance in teaching appraisal.
Based on over 50 years’ development, Institute of Literature in Chinese Medicine has brought up a large batch of scholars of TCM history literatures, e.g. well-known Wu Kaopan, Wu Yigu, Peng Huairen, Song Liren and other professor-level and research-fellow-level TCM literature experts, has completed a series of indicative results and large-size TCM literature works, e.g. Introduction to TCM, Chinese Medicine Dictionary, Collation and Interpretation of General Treatises on the Causes and Symptoms of Diseases, Collation and Annotation of General Treatises on the Causes and Symptoms of Diseases, Chinese Herbs, Collection of Ancient and Rare TCM Books, has been granted many national, provincial and ministerial awards of scientific research achievements, and has transported a large batch of senior TCM professionals to the society. As a construction unit and major base of key disciplines of Ministry of Education and key disciplines of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the institute is now carrying out several scientific research projects in such aspects as herbs, prescriptions, clinical diseases and syndromes, ancient TCM books, folk medicine and TCM genres. 


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