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Introduction of NJUCM
Administration Office
Administrative Offices

President’s Office
Assisting university administrators with coordinating various kinds of work and providing suggestions and logistic services
President’s Office also include the following roles, Office of Hanzhongmen Campus Management, Office of Archives, Center of Modern Education Technology, Center of Internet Management, Alumni Office


Development and Planning Office
Drafting development strategies and future plans


Human Resources Office
? Carrying out various talent programs
? Setting personnel quotas and job posts
? Recruiting, evaluating, promoting and transferring faculty and staff
? Managing personnel files

Teaching Affairs Office
Managing teaching affairs concerning the university’s undergraduate (including the second Bachelor’s degree) students

Science and Technology Office
? Organizing scientific and medical research
? Awarding scientific achievements
? Managing research institutes

Office of Financial Affairs
In charge of the financial affairs of the university


Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges (Office of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau affairs)
In charge of international cooperation and exchanges and work related to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau


Logistic Service Group
Providing faculty and students with logistic services, including campus medical care.

Capital Construction Office
Making plans for the construction of the campuses and managing the capital construction of the university


Office of Basic Construction
Managing and maintaining the real estate and environment of the university


Office of Retiree
Managing the affairs of the retirees

Graduate School
Admission, education, degree granting and daily management of graduate students
The Discipline Construction Office is set beneath Graduate School


Providing services on books and information
The Jiangsu Provincial Museum of Chinese Medicine is set beneath the library


Development Commission (Education Development Foundation)
Raising funds for the university and managing the donations to the university

Audit Office
Auditing financial transactions of the university

Students’ Affairs Office
In charge of political education, daily management, financial aid and admission of the university’s undergraduate students

Security Office
Safeguarding the safety and stability of the campus and providing students and faculty with related services



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