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Introduction of NJUCM
Administration Office
Cheng Ge, Vice President


Cheng Ge, Vice President

A. Professor 

Professor Cheng Ge was appointed Vice President of NJUCM in May 2014.

He has been working in NJUCM since 1989. He held various positions in NJUCM including Head of Student Management Office in Basic Medicine College, faculty member in the Office of Jingui Yaolue, Deputy Secretary of CPC General Branch in the Second Clinical Medicine College(Deputy Dean simultaneously), Deputy Director of Organization Department, Vice-President of Party School, Authority Deputy Party Secretary, Minister of Party Committee Organization Department, Secretary of Party Committee United Front Work Department, Authority Party Secretary.

He was enrolled in the program of TCM by NJUCM (named Nanjing TCM College then) in 1984. He graduated with a master degree in Jingui Yaolue from the Basic Medicine College of NJUCM in 1998 and got his Doctorate in Basic Clinical TCM in 2008. He participated in the 28th Young and Middle-aged Cadres Training Course organized by National Institute of Education from August to November 2011. He took part in the Third Overseas Training Program for Young and Middle-aged Administrative Talents in Institutions of Higher Education in Maryland University, USA from April 2011 to April 2012 and got a Master Degree in Public Administration. 

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