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Introduction of NJUCM
Administration Office
Zhai Yuxiang, Vice President


Zhai Yuxiang, Vice President
Standing Council Member of University Administrative Council
Chair, Administrative Council of Jiangsu Provincial TCM Hospital
B.S.Med, M.MSc, PhD in TCM

Professor Zhai Yuxiang took the role as one of the Standing Council Members of University Administrative Council in July 2012, meanwhile as Chair of Administrative Council of Jiangsu Provincial TCM Hospital, the first affiliated hospital of NJUCM.

He was previously director in dept. of CCP Committee of NJUCM (2009 to 2012), director in dept. of Personnel of NJUCM (2006-2009), director in dept. of Science and Research of NJUCM (2001-2006).

Following a PhD in Science of Epidemic Febrile Disease in TCM at NJUCM from 1992 to 1996, Professor Zhai has been the student of Professor Wang Canhui, the renowned TCM master, and has been designated as one of the national inheritors of TCM academic integration. He has combined TCM education, research with clinical practice. His research interests are the mechanism of TCM treatments in epidemic febrile disease, the clinical TCM treatments for epidemic febrile disease and the effective TCM formulae in treating internal diseases. He has presided over and participated in five research projects on provincial level and national level, having published more than 20 academic papers and edited 6 monographs and textbooks. 

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