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Introduction of NJUCM
Administration Office
Fang Zhuyuan, Vice President


Fang Zhuyuan, Vice President
Dean, Jiangsu Provincial TCM Hospital
B.S.Med, M.MSc, PhD

Professor Fang Zhuyuan was appointed Vice President of NJUCM in July 2012, meanwhile as Dean of Jiangsu Provincial TCM Hospital, the first affiliated hospital of NJUCM.

Following a PhD in cardiovascular disease in integrated Western and Chinese Medicine at NJUCM, he furthered his study in health care management in Peking University (2006-2007), Ecole Nationale d'Administration of France (2009) and Harvard University (2013). As a TCM clinical practitioner and researcher, Professor Fang has dedicated himself to the TCM education and practice for over two decades. He has special expertise in treating cardiovascular diseases with integrated Western and Chinese Medicine. His research interest is the TCM intervention in early stage injury in kidney and other target organs caused by high blood pressure. He has had sustained more than 10 research projects with funding from National Natural Science Foundation of China and Jiangsu Provincial Dept. of Science and Research. He has published 35 academic papers, edited 8 monographs. 

He currently serves as a council member of China Association of Chinese Medicine, chief member of Jiangsu Association of Chinese Medicine Cardiovascular Professional Committee as well as other academic organizations. 

He is the recipient of Jiangsu TCM Technology Progress award, Nanjing Technology Progress award. He has been titled as the Pioneering Talent of TCM in Jiangsu Province, and has participated in high level talent cultivation program in Jiangsu Province. He served as the member of the 11th Jiangsu Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference.

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