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Introduction of NJUCM
Administration Office
Cheng Haibo, Vice President


Cheng Haibo, Vice President

A. Professor
MD, Dr. of Chinese Medicine
Supervisor for Post-graduate students

Professor Cheng was appointed Vice President of NJUCM in July 2012.
He worked in the TCM Research Institute and First Clinical School of NJUCM from 1997 to 2004. He has become the Deputy Director of the Organization Department, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Deputy Executive Director of Party School, and Director of the President’s Office since April 2006. He took a temporary post as Deputy Head of Wujin District in Changzhou City in 2011.
Professor Cheng graduated from the First Clinical Medicine College of NJUCM in 1997. Then he got his Master and Doctoral Degree in Internal Medicine of TCM successively in 2005 and 2008 from NJUCM. He proceeded a Doctoral degree in Technology Economics and Management in Hohai University since September 2011 and initiated post-doctoral study at Harvard Medical School since January 2015.
Professor Cheng’s research interests are TCM anti-cancer research. He has had sustained research funding from National Natural Science Foundation of China, Jiangsu Provincial Natural Science Foundation, Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Support Program and Jiangsu Provincial Social Science Foundation Program, having published more than 60 referred papers and compiled 5 works. He was awarded a second prize in Science and Technology Progress for Higher Education Institutions by Ministry of Education, a third prize in Science and Technology Progress by Jiangsu China Association of Chinese Medicine, a Major Jiangsu TCM Science and Technology Prize. He is also the expert for National Natural Science Fund Evaluation Committee and a third level training object of "333 talents project" in Jiangsu Province.
He currently serves as Director of Translational Medicine Research Center, Director of Doctors Prescription Research Center, Director of SATCM Major Doctors Prescription Assessment and Translation Research Lab, Director of Jiangsu Provincial Anti-tumor Prescription Research and Industrialization Engineering Lab. His additional posts include Deputy Director Member of Youth Professional Committee of China Association of Chinese Medicine(Tumor Branch), member of Youth Professional Committee of China Anti-cancer Association, Deputy Director member of Tumor Professional Committee under Jiangsu Provincial Association of TCM, member of International Association for the Study of Pharmacoeconomics and Results (West China Branch), council member of Institute of TCM Higher Education, Chairman of Institute of School Administrative Affairs Research under TCM Higher Education Association.

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