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NJUCM Findings Winning First Prize of Jiangsu Provincial S&T Award

On August 28, Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Award Conferring Ceremony as well as the conference on S&T Innovation were held in Nanjing. A project of NJUCM, “The efficacy, safety and application of systematically using oxaliplatin to treat primary liver cancer” led and accomplished by Prof. Qin Shukui of NJUCM Affiliated Bayi Hospital has won the First Prize of Jiangsu Provincial S&T award.

The project has been leading the clinical and laboratory research on oxaliplatin in treating primary liver cancer, being the first domestically and internationally to prove the efficacy and safety of oxaliplatin in treating late-stage primary liver cancer. Its findings have been evaluated as one of the ten biggest progresses in 2013 China’s clinical oncology, and has been listed in “Guidelines to Treat Primary Liver Cancer” issued by the previous National Commission of Health and Family Planning and was promoted nationwide. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network in USA quoted the findings in its own guideline and recommended it as one of the effective treatment for late-stage liver cancer. The findings have been of great significance to improve the current treatment methods for liver cancer, and have enhanced China’s impact on the international clinical treatment and research for liver cancer. 

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