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NJUCM Placing 140 in 2018 Wu Shulian Chinese University Ranking

On February 24, 2018, the yearly Wu Shulian Chinese University Ranking, a project led by Prof. Wu Shulian from Chinese Academy of Management Science has been officially released. According to the Wu Shulian ranking, NJUCM is placed at 140 in terms of overall strength, and have been the top one in the ranking of Chinese medicine universities for consecutively three years.

In review of its development in 2017, NJUCM pushed forward vigorously the strategy of strengthening the university by talents and boosting itself by quality, attaching great importance to substance build-up, and had made breakthrough achievements following the requirements of “high-level, with unique feature and internationalized”. NJUCM had successfully been included in the national “Double First-class” University Construction Plan and the Jiangsu Provincial “High-level” University Construction Plan. In the fourth disciplinary evaluation of the Ministry of Education, three major disciplines of NJUCM, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Materia Medica, Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine have been approved as A-level, placing itself among the top Chinese medicine education institutions. For the first time, NJUCM students won the Excellent Prize in Challenge Cup, the national competition for college students’ extracurricular scientific projects. Four faculty members, one won the title of National Grand Master of Chinese Medicine, four were awarded the title as Nationally Renowned Chinese Medicine Doctors, one was chosen into the National Millions of Talents Project and two were listed in the ranking of 2016 Highly Cited Researchers of China. In the application for the National Natural Science Foundation, NJUCM won a total of 117 granted projects, making a new record in its history. For the second time, NJUCM won the Key Program in National Foundation for Social Science. Two scientific findings were awarded the first-class prize in scientific progress by the Ministry of Education, and one scientific achievement was awarded the first-class prize in scientific and technology by Jiangsu Province. In January, 2018, NJUCM was placed at 139 among national universities and the top among Chinese medicine education institutions in terms of ESI ranking.

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