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Three NJUCM Projects Receiving MOE Excellent Achievements Awards

Recently, the Ministry of Education of China released the winners of 2017 Excellent Achievement Awards in Scientific Research. Among the national 319 winners including 1 special prize, 118 first-class prizes, 192 second-class prizes and 8 youth scientist prizes, NJUCM accounted for 3 prizes, consisting of 2 first-class prizes and 1 second-class prize, placing itself on the top of the other Chinese medicine higher education institutions, and the 27th in the ranking of national universities.

Brief introduction of NJUCM Awarded Projects

First-class Prizes

The Creation and Clinical Use of Cancer Toxicology Theoretical System in Chinese Medicine

Major completer: Prof. Cheng Haibo etc.

Targeting at the key issue of tumor mechanism in the prevention and treatment of cancer in Chinese medicine, the project innovated the Chinese medicine’s theory and treatment for cancer, established the theoretical systems for Chinese medicine tumor mechanism, studied into the science in tumor toxicology mechanism, and promoted the clinical use of tumor mechanism theories.

The Establishment and Industrial Demonstration of Quality Evaluation System for Retrievable Qualified Processed Chinese Medicine Herbs

Major completer: Prof. Cai Baochang etc.

The project established the quality evaluation system for retrievable qualified processed Chinese medicine herbs, that is the base construction for herb resources, the specialization of technology standards, the standardization of processing methods, the modernization of processing machines, the objectified quality control, the scientific checking methods, the standardized herb quality and packaging.

Second-class Prize

The Research and Clinical Application of Acupuncture Weight Losing Based on Nerve Endocrine Adjustment

Major completer: Prof. Xu Bin etc.

The project presented “the obsessive fat blocking vessel”as the core mechanism of in pure obesity disease, studied into the acupuncture treatment for reducing weight and improving vessels, regularized the clinical treatment of acupuncture and broadened the sphere for acupuncture treatment.

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