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Double First-Class Construction Promotion Conference Held in NJUCM
On January 21, the joint NJUCM construction of Jiangsu Province and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM), also the “Double First-Class Construction” Promotion Conference was held at NJUCM campus. Mr. Wang Guoqiang, Vice Minister of NHFPC and Commissioner of SATCM and Mr. Wang Jiang, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government attended the conference and delivered speech. 

Prof. Hu Gang, President of NJUCM made a report titled “Starting the new journey of building NJUCM as world first-class university”, in review of the achievements in terms of reform, development and core construction over the past seven years of NJUCM jointly built by the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and the SATCM, judging the opportunities and challenges ahead, analyzing the existing problems of uneven and insufficient development in response to the national discipline construction and governmental expectation in the new era. In his judgement, Prof. Hu pointed that NJUCM’s development is under important period of strategic opportunities. NJUCM is striding into a new era of building world first-class TCM University with high levels, characteristics and internalization, which is the new orientation of NJUCM in its historical development. 
Prof. Hu Gang delivering work report

Prof. Hu emphasized that as a first-class discipline construction university, NJUCM firstly shall work on first-class bachelor degree programs, as NJUCM regards excellent undergraduate education as its core, aiming at building undergraduate programs in an all-around way. Secondly, NJUCM shall create first-class disciplines by carrying out the “Plateau Peak Building” Plan with concerted efforts and integrated supports in developing TCM discipline group into a giant scientific community. Thirdly, NJUCM shall conduct first-class scientific research, pursuing the heated research topics, searching scientific issues in TCM clinical practice, making every effort to conduct research in teams such as equipping research team with faculty and locating resources in research direction. Fourthly, NJUCM shall present first-class service to society focusing on cultivating more splendid professionals, producing more achievements in TCM basic study and application research, and playing TCM’s role in cultural inheritance and innovation. Fifthly, NJUCM shall create first-class faculty and staff team, making the NJUCM community in an atmosphere of seeking excellence and confidence, keeping in mind the mission of cultivating and upgrading TCM, and maintaining the educational philosophy of “An In-depth Study Integrating the Chinese and the West” along the journey of construction. 

Vice Governor Wang Jiang expressed congratulations to NJUCM for the achievements made since the joint building of Jiangsu Province and SATCM. He introduced the major measures of the provincial government to promote the construction of high-level university construction, requiring the NJUCM to seek the development opportunities, drawing on the experiences of building first-class universities at home and abroad, making strenuous efforts in talents cultivation, scientific research, service development and cultural inheritance. Vice Governor Wang Jiang indicated that the Jiangsu Provincial Government will provide support to NJUCM as always, by closely consulting with SATCM to create a beneficial environment for NJUCM’s development. 

Vice Governor Wang Jiang attending the conference and delivering a speech

During his speech, Vice Minister Wang Guoqiang mentioned the remarks of H.E. Xi Jingping made on the occasion of the Opening Ceremony of Chinese Medicine Confucius Institute jointly established by NJUCM and RMIT University, Australia, and made an overall analysis of the new ideas, judgements and requirements of developing Chinese medicine. He pointed out that NJUCM had the privilege to witness the formation of President Xi Jingping’s judgement of developing TCM as President Xi had been concerned over the university’s development. NJUCM should feel politically responsible to facilitate its own construction and guided by the new judgement. 

Vice Minister Wang Guoqiang attending the conference and delivering a speech

Vice Minister Wang Guoqiang stressed that TCM education institutions should strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission to provide excellent TCM higher education. NJUCM shall adhere to Chinese Medicine characteristics by following the development pattern of TCM, featured by TCM as advantage, directed by TCM’s direction, missioned by TCM’s historical mission. Secondly, NJUCM should present TCM characteristics, take the initiative to transform the work mode from disease centered to health centered, lengthen the TCM industry line, insist the TCM originality mindset, focus on TCM’s core capability to treat and prevent disease, and make efforts to promote TCM’s functions in disease treatment and prevention. Thirdly, NJUCM should adhere to the Chinese culture and first-class standards, so as to make more contribution to the well-being of human kind. Fourthly, NJUCM shall innovate TCM education patterns and syllabus, insisting to the education mode with TCM characteristics.

Vice Minister Wang Guoqiang pointed out that as “the cradle of Chinese Medicine’s higher education”, NJUCM had made important contribution to the formation and development of Chinese Medicine higher education mode. He requested that NJUCM should continue to play the leading role in the first-class discipline construction and the joint building mechanism of provincial and national level. 

As the anchor of the conference, Prof. Chen Diping, Chair of University Administrative Council pointed out that the NJUCM community should bear in mind the original heart and mission, taking the joint building and double first-class construction as opportunities, earnestly implementing the strategy of strengthening the university by talents and quality education, adhering to core development and Chinese medicine characteristics. The NJUCM community will demonstrate their confidence and bravery in realizing the objectives and dreams of double first-class university construction, making more contribution to building a healthy Jiangsu, a healthy China. 

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