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Governor Shi Taifeng Visiting CMCI of NJUCM and Witnessing the Signing of Jiangsu-Victoria Chinese Medicine Center
The Jiangsu Provincial Government delegation led by Governor Shi Taifeng visited Chinese Medicine Confucius Institute (CMCI) co-established by Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and RMIT University, Australia. Representatives from Jiangsu Provincial and Victoria State government, NJUCM and RMIT accompanied Governor Shi’s visit in CMCI, which is the only on-site visit during the Governor’s schedules in Victoria.
The Meeting during Governor Shi’s Visit
The Chair of Academic Board, RMIT Chaired the Visiting Meeting
Prof. Hu Gang Speaking at the Meeting
During his speech at the meeting, Prof. Hu Gang, President of NJUCM expressed that the year 2017 marks the 38 years of friendship between Jiangsu Province and Victoria State, also marks the 25 years of partnership between NJUCM and RMIT. Since its establishment in the year 2000 witnessed by H.E. Mr. Xi Jinping, the CMCI has been a new window for Australian people to understand Chinese culture, being a new bridge for enhancing the communication and friendship between two countries by means of merging Chinese language teaching with Chinese Medicine. As a new initiative in Jiangsu and Victoria’s partnership, the signing of Chinese Medicine Center MoU will also open a new page in the history of collaboration between NJUCM and RMIT.
Governor Shi Speaking at the Meeting
In his speech at the meeting, Governor Shi pointed out that RMIT University as a reputed university in Australia, has been in a time-honored partnership with NJUCM. The collaboration dated back as early as in the year 1993, when the two university cooperated to open the bachelor program of Chinese Medicine, which was unprecedented for a Chinese university with a western university to joint their efforts for education program of Chinese Medicine. In 2010, the two universities co-established the Chinese Medicine Confucius Institute (CMCI). H.E. Mr. Xi Jinping, President of P. R. China attended the official opening ceremony for CMCI. Over the seven years since its establishment, the CMCI has made outstanding achievements in spreading Chinese language and Chinese culture with characteristics of Chinese Medicine. Today, RMIT and NJUCM will sign the MOU to jointly establish the Jiangsu-Victoria Chinese Medicine Center. Jiangsu Province will provide substantial support for the construction of the center, and hope that with joint efforts, the center can be built into function in the near future as a new milestone in the relationship between Victoria State and Jiangsu Province.
Signing MoU between NJUCM and RMIT
During the signing ceremony of “Victoria –Jiangsu Day” held in the evening, witnessed by Governors Shi Taifeng and Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria, Prof. Hu Gang President of NJUCM and Prof. Andrew MacIntyre, Vice President of RMIT signed the MoU to co-establish the Jiangsu-Victoria Chinese Medicine Center.

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