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Two Overseas TCM Centers of NJUCM Awarded as SATCM’s International Collaboration Initiatives
On December 19, 2016, The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine held the TCM “One Belt, One Road” Development Strategy and TCM International Collaboration Initiatives Seminar in Beijing. The seminar was chaired by Mr. Yu Wenming, Vice-Commissioner of SATCM. Wang Guoqiang, Deputy Director of NHFPC and Commissioner of SATCM, as well as administrative units on both national and provincial levels attended the seminar. Prof. Chen Diping, Chair of University Administrative Council of NJUCM attended the seminar accompanied by staff from International Department. 
The Seminar
In 2015, SATCM launched the TCM International Collaboration Initiatives to strengthen the communication and collaboration with countries alongside the “One Belt, One Road”, in response to the national strategy to construct economic zone along the “Silk Road”. In 2016, altogether 30 initiatives have been approved by SATCM, among which two overseas TCM Centers of NJUCM have been included, namely “China-Australia TCM Center (Melbourne)” and “China-Swiss TCM Center”. The two centers will receive funding support from SATCM. The China-Australia TCM Center (Melbourne) was elected as one of first batch of the TCM International Collaboration Initiatives in the year 2015, and will continue to receive funding support in 2016. The China-Swiss TCM Center was the newly approved project in 2016.
Prof. Chen Diping Reporting the Construction Progress of the China-Swiss TCM Center

On behalf of NJUCM, Prof. Chen Diping reported the construction progress of China-Swiss TCM Center. The center was jointly established by NJUCM and TCM Mingdao in Switzerland, aiming at building a comprehensive platform integrating education center to provide Chinese Medicine degree programs, rehabilitation center to provide Chinese medical care and services, and cultural center conducting Chinese cultural and information exchanges. Currently, the center focuses on the construction of education center, and had successfully set up Swiss Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. The official registration and education facilities of the Academy have been completed, and the curriculum and teaching syllabus including bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs in Chinese Medicine have also been completed. The Academy is now open to students’ applications in European regions and worldwide. The successful establishment of the Academy is a lively practice of China’s higher education going overseas, a vivid example of developing Chinese Medicine overseas. It is of profound significance for conducting formal Chinese Medicine higher education in Europe and for promoting the development and spread of Chinese Medicine and Chinese culture in European regions. 

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